J. Advertising of MV Flock Status.(pdf)


Producers are encouraged to advertise the MV status of their flocks.


However, there are restrictions on what can be said or implied.


Only the official name of the project may be used, specifically "The Ontario Maedi Visna Flock Status Program".


The names of The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency and the University of Guelph can be used only in reference to their role as program administrators or collaborators.


Only the terms of ENROLLED, ENROLLED-NEGATIVE, "B", "A", MONITORED, or MONITORED - LOW RISK MV status, can be used and must be used only if the status is in good standing. 


No reference should be made as to the flock being “free” of maedi visna infection but only “Low Risk”.


The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency will publish a list of participating flocks, their current status at the time of publication along with contact information in each issue of Ontario Sheep News - unless the producer contacts OSMA in writing and indicates this not occur.