External Consultant and Examiner/Assessor

(1) Research Consultant:
International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada (3X)
CanTox Ltd., Canada
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Sabah Fish Marketing Board, Malaysia
University of Malaya, Malaysia (2X)
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia (3X)
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia (2X)
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, United Kingdom (2X)
Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

(2) Assessor/Examiner of Academic Programs:
(a) Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia - B.Sc. Programs in "Fisheries", and in "Marine Scienes"
(b) Faculty of Science and Technology, Kolej Universiti Sains Dan Tecknologi Malaysia - B.Sc. Programs. in "Biological Sciences", and in "Biodiversity, Conservation and Management"
(c) Institute of Parasitology, McGill University - research and graduate programs

(3) Assessor on Academic Appointments and/or Promotions:
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (2000; 2004)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1993)
Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute (2003)
National University of Singapore (1999; 2000)
St. Mary's University, Canada (1991; 1992)
University of Georgia, USA (1996)
University of Hong Kong (1992; 1995)
Universiti Putra (formerly Pertanian) Malaysia (1992-1995; 1996-1999; 2000-2003)
Universiti Malaya, Malaysia (1988-1991; 2003-2006)
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (2005-2008; 2008-2011; 2012-2015)

(4) Ph.D. Thesis Examiner:
Ahmadu Bello University (2X), Nigeria
McGill University (2X), Canada
National University of Singapore (3X), Singapore
Tulane University (2X), USA
University of Malaya, Malaysia
Universiti Putra (formerly Pertanian) Malaysia, Malaysia
Universiti Sains Malaysia (3X), Malaysia
University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada
Wageningen University, The Netherlands

(5) M.Sc. Thesis Examiner:
University of Malaya (2X), Malaysia

(6) Assessor/Reviewer of Research Proposals:
National Research Foundation, South Africa (3X)
Natural Environment Research Council, UK
The Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum, UK (2X)
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada (6X)
Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program, Canada
Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Kuwait (2X)
United States-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development (3X)
United States Department of Agriculture, USA
National Science Foundation, USA (3X)
Oregon Sea Grant, USA