Excerpts from Reviews on Selected Fish Disease/Disorder Books

Patrick TK Woo
University of Guelph
Ontario, Canada

Books (1995 - present):

Book #1 FDD1.1; '95 Book #2 FDD2.1; '98 Book #3 FDD3.1; '99 Book #4 DDFCC.1; '02 Book #5 FDD1.2; '06 Book #6 FDD2.2; '10 Book #7 FDD3.2; '11 Book #8 FPPP; '12 Book #9 SBEE; '14 Book #10 DDFCC.2; '14 Book #11 FVBPP; '17 Book #12 CCNFD

Readerships: fish health consultants/specialists, parasitologists, microbiologists, pathologists, immunologists, veterinarians, physiologists, zoologists, aquaculturists, and graduate students
Publishers: (1) CABI, UK, and (2) NOVA, USA

[Book #1; FDD1.1] Fish Diseases and Disorders, Volume 1: Protozoan and Metazoan Infections, 1st. edition (1995), Woo, PTK (ed.), CABI, Oxfordshire, UK, 808 pages.
(a) " ... this work, which together with succeeding volumes will provide the definitive reference for fish and shellfish diseases and disorders for decades to come." Aquaculture 143: 421-423.
(b) " ... a superb text ... excellent value for the money and should be on the bookshelves of all self-respecting parasitologists." International Journal for Parasitology 26: 1421-1422.
(c) " ... a text of great value, distinguished by its excellent presentation and thorough treatment of the subject matter." Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 8: 344.
(d) " ... bound to become a standard work and all libraries simply must purchase it." Journal of Fish Diseases 19: 259-260.
(e) " ... a valuable addition to any fish health specialist library, and also provides an excellent reference book for courses concerning aquaculture and fish health ... an important reference book for veterinarians and other animal health specialist ...". Preventive Veterinary Medicine 33: 309-310

[Book #2; FDD2.1] Fish Diseases and Disorders, Volume 2: Non-infectious Disorders, 1st. edition (1998), Leatherland, JF & Woo, PTK (eds.), CABI, Oxfordshire, UK, 386 pages.
(a) " ... an excellent source of reference for those interested in fish pathology ... uniformly high standards of the contributions in this volume ..." Aquaculture 181: 205-206.
(b) " ... a book on a subject that is important but not dealt with comprehensively elsewhere ... is important for those involved in aquaculture ... is good value for money and thoroughly recommended." Journal of Fish Diseases 23: 91-92.
(c) " ... the editors have succeeded in providing an extremely informative reference book which should be widely consulted and appreciated by its target audience." Fish and Fisheries 2000, 1: 211-212.
(d) " ... the present massive trilogy is in a league of its own in breadth and depth of coverage." International Zoo News 47/8: 508-513.

[Book #3; FDD3.1] Fish Diseases and Disorders, Volume 3: Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections, 1st. edition (1999), Woo, PTK & Bruno, DW (eds.), CABI, Oxfordshire, UK, 896 pages.
(a) " ... bound to become the definitive work on the subject for the next decade or more and it has to be commended to the libraries of all institutes in the area of aquatic science." Journal of Fish Biology 56: 234-235 .
(b) " These two volumes [Vol. 2 & Vol. 3] form an excellent reference to current knowledge of fish disorders and disease ..." Veterinary Record (January 20): 88-89.
(c) " ... strongly recommend all three volumes ... hope very much that these excellent books will be regularly updated." Aquarium Sciences and Conservation 2: 175-177.
(d) " ... the present massive trilogy is in a league of its own in breadth and depth of coverage." International Zoo News 47/8: 508-513.

[Book #8; FPPP] Fish Parasites: Pathobiology and Protection (2012), Woo, PTK & Buchmann, K (eds.), CABI, Oxfordshire, UK, 400 pages.
(a) "... highly recommended to anybody involved in aquaculture and fisheries ... it is an essential source of information for everybody who needs concise and up-to-date information on fish disease. The high standard of the editors and authors guarantees correct information." Reviews in Fisheries Science 20(4): 251
(b) "... well written and the quality of writing between chapters is consistent - somewhat unusual in an edited volume ... Each chapter provides an in-depth and up-to-date review ... I certainly very much enjoyed reading the book and will certainly refer to the volume regularly for background information on fish parasites that lie outside my field of expertise." Fish and Fisheries 13: 477-478.
(c) "The chapters are written to conform to a common format ... this uniformity is to be commended as it results in a book that has a clear organization. Aquaculture International: Journal of the European Aquaculture Society, DOI 10.1007/s10499-012-9517-5, 2012.
(d) "... a wide coverage of different species providing up-to-date and in-depth reviews on important parasites of environments and geographical regions which may be otherwise unfamiliar to many researchers ... [This book] represents for the specialist an excellent reference source on some important parasites of fish and is highly recommended." Journal of Fish Biology 82: 1767-1768.

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