La Sierra High School

Class of 1961

Last modified 08/31/2001

People who are in Contact class of 61
class photos
Comments of '61Classmates
Classmates we will always remember
Contacts for Other Years La Sierra Grads

These link to other pages with photos, addresses, comments, etc.

People who are in Contact class of 61
class photos
Comments of '61Classmates
Classmates we will always remember
Contacts for Other Years La Sierra Grads

Photo Curtesy of the International

Texas Longhorn Association.

Welcome to a home page for the La Sierra Highschool
(Carmichael California) Class of 1961. 

People who are in Contact class of 61
class photos
Comments of '61Classmates
Classmates we will always remember
Contacts for Other Years La Sierra Grads

Key Words:  La Sierra, LaSierra, High School, 1961,  Reunion, Carmichael, Sacramento, California, San Juan School District, Classmates, 40th reunion, Longhorns.


If you have found this page for the first time check out the photos from the year book and the e-mail addresses of some of the 61' grads who have contacted me. 

  • Good news!   August 2001.  A group of grads in the Sacramento area are starting to form a reunion committee. 
  • This takes time and commitment that we all appreciate.   I hope to post more information soon. 
  • I would like to help with expanding their contact list and to start an e-mail distribution list.  If you are sensitive to being on a semi-public list, I can keep you informed individually, at least now.


Please read the questions below.

I have started this page to assist communication  between class members and to hopefully initiate a process leading to our 40th REUNION.  

I initially had difficulty getting this page picked up by the standard search programs; I am told that it is necessary to expand it to a larger document, so please excuse the verbosity.   This seemes to have worked and we are now picked up by Google; I have included a link to the Google serarch engin here.  It is not specific to this site.



Most of you know that La Sierra was closed in 1983, so there is no one there to give us any information.   The San Juan School board might help, but at this time only has three names for our class of 61 that I have had difficulty contacting.   .

If you wish to add to this text please feel free to do so.  You can send text, pictures, etc directly to me at    ********

I am skeptical of opening attachments so I may ask to communicate with you prior to downloading or posting anything other than text.  I do not know the legality of posting documents on the web, but assume that anything sent to me has the permission of the sender to be posted.  

If you object to your name or other information being posted please contact me immediately.  If any information is incorrect please provide corrections.

I (Rod Gentry) am not really into maintaining a web page and would be so happy to pass it along to someone else who has the desire to do so and surely more technical skills or facilities.  This is being set up initially with Front Page usign a templet.  I am hosting it on my University's  computer in Canada, so it may not be picked up on browsers that check US cites more frequently. Please excuse the confussion caused by blind links.



      Send answers replies, or comments to Rod Gentry

I am trying to make this easy.  If you know something click the Yes and send me an e-mail.

Can anyone suggest a better way of communicating?  Yes

  • Are you interested in forming a REUNION committee?  Yes
    (I live in Canada and it is not likely I could help much.) 
    You can always nominate your best friend or ex.

  • Do you have any suggestions as to the REUNION ? Yes

  •           Do you have an opinion about the date? Yes
  • Asuming that it will be in the Sacramento area.  Can you suggest a   location/venue?   Yes

  • I attended a reunion in 1986.  I assume there have been others that I did not know about or could not attend. 

    •          Did you help organize an earlier reunion? Yes
    •         Can you provide updated contact addresses? Yes
    • Perhaps you could provide information (photos) of an earlier reunion? Yes

Does anyone have a text file with all of the class members" names? Yes

What about addresses?????? Yes

Do you know where others are?  Married names?  Yes

I know that some of our classmates have passed away, and it might be a bit morbid but perhaps a list of deceased would be in order. Please provide information.   I have now added a page of  "Those we will always remember."

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