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This page contains links to sites around the world at which policies for environmental protection are discussed. The links are organized by policy type. Some links take you to actual government sites, while others take you to discussion papers, research sites, and other resources where a specific policy is explained. A special note of thanks to the International Institute for Sustainable Development in Winnipeg, where many links were found.


Policy Types


Taxes and Charges


Liability Laws and Property Rights

Tradable Permits

Command and Control Strategies

Deposit-Refund Systems



Environmental Agencies, Texts of Legislation and Treaties

Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Ontario statutes can be accessed through the Access to Justice Network, which is linked from the Office of the Ontario Attorney General. By clicking on the Legislation (e-laws) link, you can find links to the environmental statutes as follows:

The environmental statutes may also be accessed by a word/phrase search.

Note: The server is very busy and you may have difficulty getting through.


The following statutes are available in adobe format from the
Environmental Assessment and Appeal Boards' site:

OEPA - Ontario Environmental Protection Act

OEBR - Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights

OWRA (Section 30 (1)) - Ontario Water Resources Act

OEAA - Ontario Environmental Assessment Act

OPA - Ontario Pesticides Act


Environment Canada

CEPA - Canadian Environmental Protection Act


US Environmental Protection Agency

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act


Environmental Agencies Around the World Linked through the World Bank


Texts of Environmental Regulations and International Treaties
- Linked through the Sustainable World Site developed by Grand River Informatics of Fergus, Ontario.

GlobeLaw - A Greenpeace site with information on international law and treaties pertaining to the environment.


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