Corrections to the Mann et al (1998) Proxy Data Base and Northern Hemisphere Average Temperature Series

Who paid for this research?

Was your article peer-reviewed?

If there were all the errors in Mann et al (1998) that you allege, how could it have passed peer review for a prestigious journal like Nature?

How can a third party decide whether you are right or Mann et al. are right?

Why didn't the IPCC pick up these errors?

Why has no one else picked up these errors?

What led you to request the data from Prof. Mann?

Did you show this paper to Prof. Mann or ask Prof. Mann for comments prior to publication?

Are you qualified to verify this data?

Do you have any ties to the energy sector or anti-Kyoto think tanks?

Your graph seems to show that the 15th Century was warmer than today’s climate: is this what you are claiming?


What led you to publish in E&E rather than Nature?


What if someone comes along and finds errors in your work?


How closely did you replicate the original MBH98 results using the data they supplied you?


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