Corrections to the Mann et al (1998) Proxy Data Base and Northern Hemisphere Average Temperature Series

Supplementary Material

The data, guides to all sources, statistical programs etc. are all presented in step-by-step detail at Climate2003

The proxy data set we received from Mann (pcproxy.txt). The text version is just as received from Mann (and re-sent back to him to verify). The .xls version (BIG file - 3.8MB) has been put into an Excel spreadsheet and the columns colour-coded to identify those with problematic data. The subset available in each time interval are put onto separate worksheets. The final revised versions of the proxy data are in .txt and excel formats.






The 16 temperature principal components taken from Mann’s web site.



The final weighting matrix on proxies. The NH temperature series is derived from a matrix equation that yields a set of weights to average up the 112 proxies into a statistic that is called the “Northern Hemisphere temperature anomaly.” This spreadsheet gives the weights.



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