Dr. Robin Milhausen



A first collaborative effort from co-PI’s Robin Milhausen and Dr. Andrea Buchholz, Does size matter? investigates the relationship between body composition, body image and sexual functioning among heterosexual young people.  Data collection is ongoing in this SSHRC-funded research project.  Visit the Body Composition and Metabolism Lab at the University of Guelph and have your body scanned, then complete a series of questionnaires.  Get a $10 gift card, and great information about your body composition.  Participants needed this fall.  Contact Emily Opperman (eopperma@uoguelph.ca) for more info.

Condom use practice for couples!  Beginning in September 2009, heterosexual couples are needed to participate in a condom use practice study.  Learn more about correct condom application and then rate a variety of condoms in terms of fit and feel.   Earn up to $200 per couple!   Participants needed this fall.  Contact Jessica Wood (jwood03@uoguelph.ca) for more info.

Why have sex?  Why do humans have sex?  Do their reasons change over time?  Complete this questionnaire now, and again one year from now, to help us answer these questions.  Fill out the online survey and enter to win a Visa Gift Card.  Contact Jessica Wood (jwood03@uoguelph.ca) for more info.

Are you in a long-term relationship?  Have you kept the fires of passion burning hot?  Or are you finding it hard to keep the spark alive? Women 20 to 30 years of age are needed for this interview and focus group study.  Participation requires 1 to 2 hours of your time.  Participants will be entered to win a Visa Gift Card.  Contact Sarah Murray (murrays@uoguelph.ca) for more info.

What are the “rules” for sex and relationships among gay men?  Help us find out!  Participate in a focus group study for gay-identified men in Waterloo and Guelph.  Participation requires 1 to 2 hours of your time.  Participants will be entered to win a Visa Gift Card.  Contact Nathan Lachowsky (nlachows@uoguelph.ca) for more info.

Participants Needed!

Condom use practice to improve mediators of condom use.  A partnership between Planned Parenthood Toronto and the University of Guelph.  A sample of 30 men practiced applying and using condoms while attending to sensation, fit and feel.  Analysis is ongoing to determine if practice improves mediators of condom use (condom use self-efficacy, condom use attitudes).

Sexual and relationship satisfaction among heterosexual couples.  Does relationship quality and satisfaction always lead to sexual satisfaction?  What factors increase sexual satisfaction in couples?  How important is sexual compatibility?  Data has been collected in campus and community samples of heterosexual couples and analysis is ongoing. 

Desire, arousal and orgasm in lesbian women.  What models of sexual response best fit lesbian women?  What sparks desire and facilitates arousal and orgasm?  Interviews with lesbian women in Guelph and Ottawa are complete and the results are forthcoming.

The new “rules” for dating, relationships and sexuality.  Focus groups with heterosexual men and women at the University of Guelph are complete.  Results of this study have been presented at the Society for the Scientific Study for Sexuality’s Annual Meeting and the Canadian Sex Research Forum.  Manuscripts are in preparation.

Recruitment Complete: