Our Activities

Our Scout troop and Venturer company enjoy camping and this was our final camp for the summer of 1996. The camp was held in Stoney Creek on the first weekend in June. This shot is one portion of the camp horseshoe we had on closing. This is an International camp and over 1200 scouters from Canada and the United States, routinely attend.

This picture below is the centre shot of the horseshoe

The left side of the horseshoe

Here's the whole horseshoe of all the camp participants

The parade of "Flags" entering the horsehoe

Here's our Venturer Company followed by our Scouts.

Our Venturer Company. Eric, Stephen, Shaun and Kodie. (L to R)

Stephen and Shaun waiting for "lunch" at our campsite.

Surprise, surprise! The 3RD Guelph group wins the overall camp award for participation and activities. We were very surprised since our group was small compared to some others. The events we won were "Scout" pace. Tree height estimation and Leaf identification. We're looking forward to returning next June to defend our title.

Here's " Kodie" our Venturer advisor when he first wakes up in the morning at camp!

We are planning to attend the Canadian Jamboree in July 1997. Please contact us if you are going to be there!

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