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vendredi 17 Octobre/Friday 17 October
Session Chaired by Almos Tassonyi (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
Michael Huberman
(Université de Montréal)
Livio Di Matteo
(Lakehead University)
Kris Inwood & Sarah Van Sligtenhorst
(University of Guelph)
Session Chaired by Femi Kolapo (University of Guelph)
Gareth Austin
(London School of Economics and Political Science)
Session Chaired by Herbert Emery (University of Calgary)
Luis Bértola
(Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Douglas McCalla & Shawn Day
(University of Guelph)
samedi 18 octobre / Saturday 18 October
Session Chaired by Tony Ward (Brock University)
  E.J.T. Collins
(University of Reading)
" The North American Influence on the British Food Industry, 1900-39 "
Eugene Beaulieu
(University of Calgary)
Herbert Emery
(University of Calgary)

" Mostly Harmless: Socialists, Populists, Policies and the Economic Development of Alberta and
[with R.D. Kneebone]

Session Chair

George Grantham
(McGill University)

Carl Mosk
(University of Victoria)
Session Chaired by Byron Lew (Trent University)
Nathan Nunn
(University of Toronto)
Alvaro S. Pereira
(University of British Columbia)
Session Chaired by Marvin McInnis (Queen’s University)
Alan Green (Queen's University), Mary MacKinnon (McGill University) & Chris Minns (Trinity College, University of Dublin)
  Donald G. Paterson
(University of British Columbia) & Herbert Emery (University of Calgary)
" Economic & Social History Database & Journal "
Stephen Salmon
(National Archives of Canada)
Kevin James
(University of Guelph)
" The 1891 Census of Canada (Ontario) Project: An Overview "
Session Chaired by Michael Huberman (Université de Montréal)
Eona Karakacili
(University of Western Ontario)
" Malthus and Pre-Industrial Development: A Case Study of the English Agrarian Labour Productivity Rates Before the Black Death"
Mauricio Drelichman
(University of British Columbia)
Session Chaired by Donald Paterson (University of British Columbia)
  Larry Neal
(University of Illinois)
" A shocking theory of economic history "
 Conference Banquet
dimanche 19 octobre / Sunday 19 October
8:30 am
Session Chaired by Mary MacKinnon (McGill University)
Richard Kleer
(University of Regina)
Ronald A. Shearer & Donald Paterson
(University of British Columbia)
Session Chaired by Alan Green (Queen’s University)
  Marc T. Law
(University of Vermont)
" Specialization and Regulation: The Rise of 'Professionals' and the Emergence of Occupational Licensing Regulation "
[with Sukkoo Kim]
Ian Keay & Marina Adshade
(Queen's University)
  Business Meeting and Working Lunch


Updated October 17, 2003

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