2017-18 – Important Club Dates

·         FALL SEMESTER:

o        Club Information and Seeding Night:  Tuesday, September 19th at 5:30 p.m. at the South Squash Courts. This meeting is very important for new players.  Come prepared to play!

o        Registration Deadline is Thursday, September 21st (or 80 house league players)


o        Club Information and Seeding Night:  Tuesday, January 16th at 5:30 p.m. at the South Squash Courts. This meeting is very important for new players.  Come prepared to play!

o        Registration Deadline is Thursday, January 18th (or 80 house league players)

Register at Client Services in the Athletic Centre or at www.uoguelph.ca/connect.  ** Paying your membership dues with the Athletic Centre (not attending the Squash Club meeting) is what guarantees your spot with the club so please register as soon as possible!  House league has an 80 player limit that may be reached before the registration deadline.  There is no limit for adder only players but the registration deadline is the same.

The Squash Club has two options for play:

1) House League: 

House League takes place on Tuesday evenings between 5:00 & 10:20 pm. It is very important that you can commit to a Tuesday evening game if you join the house league.  You will have a pre-scheduled game every Tuesday against another player who is in your general skill level.  The skill level for new players is determined during the seeding night at the beginning of the semester so it is very important that new house league players attend the seeding night (dates listed above).  League play, including play-offs, ends just before exams start.  Individual point totals determine who makes it to the playoffs.  In our present format 80 players is the maximum we can accommodate. All players participating in House League play are automatically on the ladder (see description below).


2) Ladder Play: 

Ladder only play is an option for players who cannot, or do not want to commit to, a Tuesday evening game.  There is no limit to the number of ladder players.  All house league players are automatically on the ladder and each league game counts as a ladder match as well.  After you pay your club fees at the clubs office, you will have a tag on the ladder board showing your ladder position. You can challenge any of the 3 players above you on the ladder. If you lose that match then nothing changes. If you win the match then you remove your tag, move the appropriate number of players above you down one position, until you can place your tag above the player you beat.  Ladder games are arranged by the players themselves (including court bookings).  It is understood that if you participate in the ladder you will accept ladder challenge games whenever possible.

How much does it cost to join?

The Tuesday evening House League membership fee is $10.00 per semester.   The house league play automatically includes the ladder (no extra fee required).  A ‘ladder only’ membership is $5.00 per semester.  For both the squash league and the ladder - sign up in the Athletic Centre and be very clear about which option you want to register for so you are put onto the right list.

How do I find out when my games are, and against whom?

Early in the semester, games will be communicated by email (and may be posted at the last minute so be sure to check your email on Tuesdays).  Once the schedule is set it will be posted on our website (http://www.uoguelph.ca/~squash) under ‘Schedules’.  The weekly schedule will also be posted on the bulletin board by the south courts. Player contact information and individual match results are also available on the website.

What does a match consist of?

A match is the best three of five games. The club uses PAR scoring (a point every rally) 

Levels A and B – PAR 11.  Levels C to J PAR 15.   Games must be won by 2 points.

How do I record my score?

There are sheets on the bulletin board at the south courts to do this.  Just record the score as the number of games won by each player.  We will do the rest.  You will get a point for showing up, a point for each game you win, and an extra point if you win the match.    


After your match you should also move your ladder tags to reflect the outcome of the match.  If the winning player is below the losing player on the ladder, the winner removes their tag and moves the appropriate number of players above them down one position, until the winner can place their tag above the player they beat.

What if an opponent doesn't show up and what do I do about it?

If an opponent doesn't show up for a scheduled match you are entitled to a default win.   However it is unfortunate to miss having a game. This is sometimes a problem.  Players do have an obligation to confirm with each other that they can make the scheduled times (contact info is available on the club website).   If someone does default against you despite your having contacted & confirmed with them, then record the score as a default win.  You will get all 5 points.   Let us know of defaults, if a player is consistently causing a problem, we'll drop them and replace them with someone on the waiting list.  Be sure the club knows of all default wins before playoffs.

What if I need to reschedule?

We strongly encourage people to play their games at the allotted time on Tuesday night.  If, however, something comes up and you can't make it during your scheduled match, it is up to you to contact your opponent and play the match on your own time - preferably before the scheduled time.  You do the scheduling with your opponent, including booking a court.   Score sheets will only left on the board for one week after the scheduled time.  Scores can also be emailed to squashscores@rogers.com - be sure to include all the details of your match, including the date and time it was originally scheduled to be played.

What if the level you put me in is too easy/too hard?

This isn't really a problem if you are a ladder player only. If you are finding that you are not competitive in your group, then just move your tag to the bottom of the next lower group and try challenging your way up. You don't even have to ask. If you are finding your matches too easy just challenge your way up.

For house league play we do our best to put everybody at the right level but it doesn't always work out. If you find that your matches are too easy or too hard let us know. We will try and find a player with the opposite problem and perhaps switch you. However this isn't always possible.

If you are at the top player of your division, you can challenge any of the bottom three players on the next higher level. If you win that match you can place your tag above your opponent, moving the lower tags down to make room. Nobody drops down to the lower level.

Note: The 3 players above you have an obligation to accept a challenge just as you have an obligation to accept challenges from the 3 below you. However if you can persuade a player more than 3 above you to accept a challenge or you accept a challenge from someone more than 3 below you that's OK.   Again, all league play matches count for ladder play positions and it is the responsibility of the winner to move his or her position on the ladder immediately after the game (do not move yourself if the game is more than 2 days past).

Do I have to wear goggles?

While it is technically up to you, we strongly recommend that you always wear them; serious eye injuries have occurred in the squash court. You can borrow them from the issuing desk, though it's a good idea to buy your own.  Also, while we do not have a dress code you are to be “properly attired". This means: you can't play without a shirt, and your shoes must be indoor shoes of the non-marking kind.

Safety and Sportsmanship

Be a good sport……   Safety is paramount – call your lets.  Google interference in squash to learn more about lets and strokes.

The Bottom Line….. The Squash Club is a place to have a good time, enjoy some friendly competition, improve your health and your game.  Have fun!!!