The Scope of the Journal

International Journal of Complex Systems - Computing, Sensing and Control publishes top quality unpublished original technical or non-technical application-focused articles on computing, sensing and control of various complex systems. The Journal seeks to print articles on complex systems from definitions, modeling, simulation, analysis, data analytics, architecture, design and complete solutions, case studies and tutorial articles. The Journal would be interested in distributed development and maintenance of real-world systems by multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers.

The scope of the Journal include, but not limited to: sensor design, integration and fusion for systems; sensor networks, sensor based control and automation, vision and image processing for systems; sensing and multi-sensor fusion for systems; sensor data analysis and system diagnosis; intelligent systems; traffic modeling and transportation systems; systems modeling, identification and simulations; robotic systems; system control; power system analysis and control; mechatronic systems; biomimetics and bio-inspired systems, network control and system of systems.

Submitting Your Paper

Paper Charge Policy

This journal has a publication charge that will be determined soon. This fee brings a one-year e-subscription plus e-reprints.

Instructions for Contributors

Articles will be full-length papers (between 10-15 typeset pages in length) reporting original contributions or significant results. Papers emphasizing applications and survey (tutorials) are especially welcome. Prospective authors should upload their papers in PDF format on the site of previously unpublished papers, or email the papers in PDF format to: To facilitate communication, the address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be given on the first page of the papers. Papers should be written in correct English and arranged in the following order: 1) title of the paper; 2) coordinates of all authors with affiliations and mailing address for each author; 3) an abstract (50-100 words) containing the purpose, scope, contribution of the paper; 4) up to 10 keywords with the first keyword being the most pertinent one; 5) introduction; 6) main body of the paper divided into sections and subsections where appropriate; 7) conclusion; 8) references; and 9) appendices (if any).

Use a Roman typeface for your manuscript whenever possible (i.e., Times or Times New Roman). All paragraphs in the manuscript should be double spaced and typed flush left. Do not indent paragraphs, but allow extra space between them. Italicize words to be printed in italics and bold words to be printed in bold.

Both equations and figures must be numbered sequentially using Arabic numerals. Captions for figures should be in sentence format with the first word capitalized and a period at the end. Equations should be numbered sequentially with the number enclosed in parenthesis and placed at the right margin.

References should be listed separately at the back of the paper and numbered sequentially to match the notes within the text. Type each reference note using brackets, e.g. [2]. Please remember that every note in the text should have a corresponding note in the reference list. Type the reference list in the following manner: (for books, single author) 1. Author's Last Name, First Name, Initial. Title of Book (italicized), Publisher's Name, Year of Publication, pp. 222-233. (for journals, two or more authors) 2. Author's Last Name, First Name or Initial, and Second Author's First Name, Last Name. "Title of Article (in quotes)." Name of Journal (italicized). Publisher's Name, Month and Year, pp. 23-26.

Submission Instructions

Only electronic submissions are allowed in the final submission. Please submit them in .pdf format on the web site. Accepted papers will be sent electronically along with copyright form, biographical sketches and photos of each author in .jpg format to the production proof manager, Debra Rivard ( MS word in the only fromat I accepted. LaTex is NOT an acceptable format. Figures should be embedded. Submit figures individually in a file as well in either .JPG, .TIF, or .EPS format. Figures that have very thin lines sometimes do not print well so please be sure lines on figures, graphs, and charts are 1 point. Each designated corresponding author will receive a proof to check the accuracy of the final typeset article. Only corrections for typesetting errors are allowed. Extensive author alterations will incur an extra fee to the author. Correctly formatted articles with preset styles are available. Authors can access the template by going to: We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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