British Columbia

Aerial view of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia in December, 2006

The Lions are mountain peaks visible from Vancouver, Canada. March, 2006
These peaks were known by the Squamish Indians as "The Sisters". Another view of these peaks from Mt. Cypress can be found here as seen Dec 1997. This link describes climbing these mountain peaks. The snow is where it belongs, on mountain tops where you can visit but then leave behind.

Simon Fraser University, Burnay, British Columbia, Canada. December, 2004

View of Victoria from Gonzales Hill Regional Park, Victoria, BC. April, 2004

Sunset over the Gulf Islands between Victoria and Vancouver. April, 2004

Peacock at the petting zoo, Victoria, B.C. April, 2004

Mt. Baker in Washington State, seen from Victoria, B.C. April, 2004

Visiting monks on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. April, 2004

Queen Elizabeth Park, old quarry and Observatory, Vancouver, B.C. March, 2004

Vancouver shoreline from Jericho Beach, B.C. December, 2001

The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, February, 2000. (It said $655/night on the back of the door)

Ainu totem poles near Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. December, 1999

View of Mt. Baker above the clouds from Mt. Cypress, British Columbia. December, 1999

Invermere, British Columbia. October, 1999

Yellowing larches in the Purcell Mountain Range, British Columbia. October, 1999

Golden Golf Course, British Columbia. October, 1999

Beach near Jordan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. December, 1998

Bastion Square at Christmas, Victoria, B.C., Canada. December, 1998

"The Lions", Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. December, 1997

Mt. Strachan, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. November, 1997

Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada. December, 1995

Lonely beach on Queen Charlotte Islands, near Tlell, British Columbia, Canada. May, 1983
A map of the Queen Charlotte Islands can be found here

Vancouver sunset with UBC towers. Vancouver, B.C. April, 1982

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