Valparaiso, Chile (July 2009)

On the way from Santiago to Valparaiso, there are many wineries.



Wine tasting

Valparaiso is a famous port city on the central coast of Chile, which flourished before the Panama Canal was built. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with an unusual system of funicular elevators and a variety of architectural styles on the steep hills.

Valparaiso Bay

Valparaiso Castle

Valparaiso Condos for the living (higher) and the dead (lower, mausoleum)

Old Customs building

Valparaiso Funicular (trains on a steep incline)

Valparaiso Funiculars

Port of Valparaiso

Valparaiso Seaside View

Valparaiso "Condor" given by the French, but looks more like a chicken or a turkey

Wulff Castle at Vina del Mar adjacent to Valparaiso

Leaving Valparaiso

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