Jingshan Park is just north of the Forbidden city, and the best bargain in town with a 2 Yuan entry fee (in the off season). The park opens until 8pm unlike many other attractions which only open until 5pm during the off season. This photo presents a view of the Forbidden City from the top of the small mountain in the park.

The Forbidden Palace lies just to south of the park. The last emperor of the Ming Dynasty walked from the Forbidden Palace and to the eastside of Jingshan mountain (Jing=view, Shan=mountain) to hang himself.

This photo shows the Northwest corner of the Forbidden Palace from the North just outside the south gate of Jingshan Park

On the north side of Jingshan Park are some palaces including Shouhuang Palace (Hall of Imperial Longevity) in the foreground. The Drum Tower can be seen in the distance

More views from Jingshan Park can be seen here

Historical background of Jingshan

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