I first visited Guelph over 20 years ago when I attended my first major research conference. It was a very hot humid August, something which I was not prepared for since I came from a much milder climate on the West Coast (Vancouver, British Columbia). As a student, I couldn't afford to stay in a place with air conditioning, and I had to do a lot of walking. As I was dragging my sweat-soaked, salt-encrusted body down Gordon Street from the University of Guelph to the downtown area, I remembered thinking to myself, this must be what hell feels like, and that hell would have to freeze over before I came back to this place.

And hell did freeze over, because the next time I came to Guelph, it was for a job interview in December five years later, and the night-time temperatures were near -20C (-4F). I no longer think of Guelph as hell, either the frozen type or the boiling one, although in the midst of summer or the depths of winter, I often think that it would be nicer to be somewhere else.... That's why I like to travel, see places recently visited

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