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Pictures of places around Guelph and Links to other pages

City of Guelph
Origins of the name Guelph and connections to Europe
Gordon Street (Main Northwest-Southeast route through the city)
Royal City Park seen from the Gordon Street Bridge with a view of Canada geese, silver maples, and Gow's Bridge at the back right crossing the Speed River
University of Guelph
Historical Walking Tour of University of Guelph
Edmund C. Bovey Building, home of the Department of Environmental Biology
Ontario Agricultural College, Johnston Hall
"The Portico", a preserved heritage structure on Johnston Green, University of Guelph
University of Guelph Bull Ring, built in 1901 to show animals, now a student-run bar
Via Rail Train station in Guelph
Main Bus station in Guelph
Church of Our Lady on Catholic Hill, Guelph, Ontario
Front view of Church of Our Lady from MacDonell Street
Blacksmith Fountain across the street from the Bus Station, from 1884
Guelph Water Tower and a bridge across the Eramosa River in Riverside Park
Alma Block constructed in 1868 of dressed limestone in late Italianate style
St. George's Anglican Church Built in 1873, this Gothic Revival church has a recently-refurbished carillon and the stained glass windows, seen from Alma Block
A House in Winter with lots of snow, Guelph, Ontario
Window Frost, January 2005, Guelph
Guelph Turfgrass Institute
Cutten Club for Golf and Tennis

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