Ottawa is the Capital City of Canada with many museums and old-style buildings

Reflection of Parliament in the Ottawa River, Ottawa, Canada. June, 2006

Museum of Civilization near Ottawa, Ontario. June, 2004

Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario. June, 2004

Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario. October, 2001

Entrance to Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario. October, 2001

Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario. June, 2001

View from Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario. August, 2001

National Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario. February, 1999

Dominion of Canada Plaque, Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario. February, 1999

Parliament Library, Ottawa, Ontario. February, 1999

Frog Sculpture in the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada. July, 1989

Who do your taxes go (if you're in Canada)? Revenue Canada in Ottawa. July, 1989

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