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Text descriptions by general location are given below.

Quebec Vieux-Port (Original Old City southeast of the walls of Old Quebec)

Alley below the narrow steps down to the Lower City of Old Quebec
View of Place Royale from Vieux Quebec
Place Royale
Mural in the Lower Old City
Mural in the Lower Old City
Rue Cul de Sac in the Lower Old City

Near the Plains of Abraham

Drill Hall = Manege Militaire
The Citadel
Martello Tower No. 1 near the River
Another view of Martello Tower No. 1 near the River
Martello Tower No. 2 along Wilfrid Laurier Avenue and Venue Tache
Bird in the Joan of Arc Garden, Plains of Abraham

Near the Train Station

Via Rail Train Station
Murals on the Freeway Pillars

Vieux Quebec (within the city walls)

St. Andrews Church
Augustine Monastery
Views of Chateau Frontenac
Quebec City Hall
Hotel de Dieu and the northern City Wall
Laval University, original site
Maison Melville near Chateau Frontenac along Rue St. Louis
Musee du Fort
Quebec City and the St. Lawrence at night
Notre Dame Church
Place D'Arme and the Chateau Frontenac
Canons along the ramparts at the southeast corner
Seminary of Quebec
Terrasse Dufferin, a boardwalk on the southside
Ursuline Convent and Museum
Horse and Carriage near Parc de l'Esplanade
Flowers along the meridian of Avenue Dufferin just west of the old city looking northward
Quebec Museum of Fine Art, an old jail on the west end of the Plains of Abraham
Kent Gate (Porte Kent) in between the two other major gates into the old city
St. John's Gate, northmost gate of the three along the west wall
St. Louis' Gate, southmost gate and most famous of the three gates along the west wall
St. Matthew's Anglican church graveyard
Montreal City Hall
Montreal Chinatown

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