Scenes from America

American elm trees lines the Mall, Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA. April, 2008

Lake Seneca at Sunrise, Geneva, New York. May, 2007

Deep sea fishing near Jacksonville, Florida, April 2006
Eight miles off shore offers easy fishing. Drop the line to the bottom 60 feet down, and the fish are practically fighting over the squid bait. The Gulf stream is another 50 miles out. Photo credit: D. Settle.

Ponte Vedra Beach Resort near Jacksonville, Florida, April 2006
This beach offers incredible sunrise views with pelicans flying across the horizon

Condominiums on the Intracoastal Waterway, eastern American seaboard, April 2006
The Intracoastal Waterway is a 4,800 km long recreational and commercial waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. Some parts are natural while other parts were built.

Niagara River aerial view, April 2006
Lake Erie is at the back, and Lake Ontario is at front, with the Niagara River snaking through the Niagara Pennisula. Niagara Falls (both the Canadian Falls and the Horseshoe Falls) are visible as small white specks.

Queuing for take-off, Philadelphia Airport, April 2006
Seemingly endless line of planes queuing for their moment on the runway

Flying over Alaska: mountains, river & lake. February, 2005

View of Mt. Baker from the air above Seattle, Washington. November, 2004
See April 2004 for a view from Victoria, B.C.

Floating Bridge to Mercer Island near Seattle, Washington. November, 2004

View of downtown Los Angeles from The Getty Museum. August, 2004

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California. August, 2004

The American Falls viewed from the Canadian side, Niagara Falls, Ontario. June, 2004

Mt. Baker in Washington State, seen from Victoria, B.C. April, 2004

Lake Placid, New York. April, 2003 (-5C)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. March, 2003 (30C)

Wildlife in Central Park, New York City. January, 2003

Near Paradise Lodge, Mt. Rainier, Washington. October, 2001
Beautiful shots of Mt. Rainier can be seen at this website.
A large scale PDF map (1.7 Mb) of Mount Rainier National Park can be found here.

University of Washington, Seattle. October, 2001

Sunset over Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. October, 2001

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake City, Utah. August, 2001

Church in Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah. August, 2001

Sunset over Lake Ontario, near Rochester, New York. October, 1997

Sunset at Carmel, California. December, 1994

Fort Niagara, New York, looking over the mouth of the Niagara River toward Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. May, 1991
Information on Fort Niagara can be found here

Sunrise Lake, Mount Rainier, Washington, USA. June, 1985

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S. August, 1982