Images of Places Visited (updated 2011/07/28)

Americas: Canada ( BC, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes ), United States, Chile
Asian Far East: Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan Japan
Europe: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Czech, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Turkey
Down Under: Australia, New Zealand

Tibet Train Travel, September, 2010 with locations, food & scenery in 200 slide show pictures

Japan travel, June, 2010 especially Kamakura and Tokyo in 90 pictures

A visit to Europe in April, 2010, starts with France and slides shows of Angers (190), Nantes (20), Brittany (150), and Rennes (35) including scenes from Mont St. Michel, St. Malo, and Dunan. And of course, Paris (150). After France (and being stuck in Paris because of the Volcano in Iceland), here is a trip to the Czech Republic with scenes from southwestern Czech (45) and Prague (45) including the town Budweiser was named after and two UNESCO sites.

Scenes from China (50): Fenghuang, Wuhan, Beijing Airport, March, 2010 and Scenes (18) from Canton, Guangdong, China, February, 2010

A cold trip to Norway in December 2009 never saw the sun in 4 days (small slideshow of 9 pictures)

Scenes from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, December 2009:
Standing Tall , Pan-Pacific Hotel and Five Sails Restaurant , Kneading Cat

Scenes from Chile. July 2009:
Wulff Castle in Vina del Mar, near Valparaiso.
View of the Andes from Santa Lucia Hill in Santiago.
Humming bird in Santa Lucia National Park, Santiago
View of the Andes at sunset from Atton Hotel in Las Condes district, Santiago
Northern suburbs of Santiago, Chile with agricultural fields in the foreground, Andes in the background, and a layer of smog over Santiago. Other images of Santiago can be found here on a clickable map of Santiago.

Eastern tip of Montreal Island, Aerial Photo, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. May, 2009. And a view of the south end. April, 2010. And here's a shot flying somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.

Ruins of the castle of Hohenurach, Bad Urach, Germany. May, 2009. Here are other images of this visit to Germany & Switzerland including Stuttgart, Bad Urach, Ulm (with the largest Church Tower), and other nearby cities.

Sarcopagus purportedly made for Alexander the Great, uncovered at Sidon Necropolis (in modern day Lebanon), and kept in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Turkey. May 2009.  Here are other images of this visit to Istanbul, or to the mountain lake resort city of Egirdir north of Turkish Riviera city of Antalya, or to the Ancient city of Efes (Ephesus) on the Aegean Sea.

Scorpions on a stick, Beijing, China, March 2009. I saw something fascinating in the Beijing market: live scorpions stuck through with a stick and then roasted over a grill. I tried to make a movie of the scorpions struggling around on the stick, but my camera movie resolution is too low to see them move their pincers and legs. In any case, here is a shot of the scorpions on the stick. You should try them. They're crunchy! (I felt sorry for the sea horses though). Here are other images of this visit to China in March & April 2009 including Wuhan, Xian & surroundings, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai.

Scenes from Canada, 2009:
Aerial Photo of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. March, 2009
Montreal arboretum, aerial photo. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March, 2009
Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. March, 2009
Mount Baker and the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. March, 2009
Seagull at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. February, 2009
Mountains north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. December, 2008
Sunset over the St. Lawrence near Montreal Airport, Quebec, Canada. September, 2008

Scenes from China, 2008:
Plane at Beijing Airport in time for the 2008 Olympics. Beijing, Heilongjiang, China. August, 2008
Olympic Topiary, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. August, 2008
Russian storefront 1822, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. August, 2008
Happy family pantheon, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. August, 2008
Marching Women, Sculpture Park, Changchun, Jilin, China. July, 2008
One of seven limestone crags, Star Lake Park, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. July, 2008
Pavilions in Star Lake Park, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. July, 2008
Song Dynasty Sentry Tower of the City Wall, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. July, 2008
Nighttime boat cruises along the Pearl River, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. July, 2008
Sunrise over the Pearl River, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. July, 2008
Statue of Qu Yuan in Jingzhou city park, famous poet of the Warring States period, born in Ziqui about 150 km upstream along the Yangtze River. His death is commemorated by the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Jingzhou, Hubei, China. July, 2008
Sentry Towers of the City Wall, Xian, Shaanxi, China. March, 2008
South Gate of the City Wall, Xian, Shaanxi, China. March, 2008
Tibetan Buddhist Bells in temple in Five-Spring Mountain Park, Lanzhou, Gansu, China. March, 2008
Confucius statue in Five-Spring Mountain Park, Lanzhou, Gansu, China. March, 2008
Mosque in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. March, 2008
White Pagoda Mountain Park in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. March, 2008
Yellow River (Huang He) in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. March, 2008
Xuanmiao Taoist Temple in Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2008 A fascinating female monk tending this temple told us some of the history of this place and the importance of Taoism in Chinese culture
Prayer room in one of the many temples at the Zhanghua Buddhist Temple Complex, Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2008
The Wanshou or Longevity Pagoda is found on the banks of the Yangtze (Changjiang) River in Sashi city, Hubei, China. March, 2008 Sashi has been merged with Jingzhou and both have artifacts from the Warring Kingdoms period over 2000 years ago. This pagoda contains a large Buddha and several smaller ones. Here is a view of the base of the pagoda. Here are scenes from the narrow winding staircase and one of the many windows looking out. There are also numerous carvings lining the walls
Teaching Room at the City Museum, Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2008.
Interesting translations from Chinese to English abound throughout China. Here "electrified" refers to Audio-Visual capacities (e.g. internet enabled, DVD/CD players available, computers present, etc.), but the wording brings to mind cattle prods or electric fences to motivate students and keep them in the classroom. Here is another interesting sign encountered at an University in Yichang, Hubei, China, March, 2008. The plaque given to the University by the provincial government refers to their status in the past year as being of exemplary behaviour with no employee of the University violating any rules such as committing any crimes or having more than one child or any other undesirable behaviour.
Stele Park, Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2008
This scene of flowering magnolia (Mulan hua) and Chinese lanterns can be found in a park near the New East Gate, but serves as a teahouse with many small rooms filled with old-style Chinese furniture
Mulan Fortress on Mulan Mountain, 70 km northeast of Wuhan, Hubei, China. February, 2008
The Disney-popularized story of Mulan has some seeds in history. The story of the female general, Mulan, was originally a folk song dating from the Northern Wei dynasty, 386 to 534 AD. According to legend, the aged father of a young woman named Mulan was conscripted. Mulan disguised herself as a man and joined the army in his place. For the next ten years she showed remarkable skill as a warrior and became a female general. Her true identity remained hidden from her comrades until the end.

Flying somewhere over Siberia, and seeing the striations caused by glaciation. Siberia. July, 2008

Old Main was the first major building of The Pennsylvania State University built in 1863. State College, Pennsylvania, USA. April, 2008

Bad hair day. A Haida Sculpture at the Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia, Canada. February, 2008.

Scenes from China, 2007:
What's for lunch? Bloodshot eyeballs? Wuhan, Hubei, China. September, 2007. See "Eyeball" delicacy, August, 2000
Statue of Chilin on top of the Taoist Temple. Jiugongshan, Hubei Province, China. September, 2007
Alpine lake at the top of Jiugongshan (Nine Palace Mountain) in southwest Hubei Province, China. September, 2007
Buddhist temple on Jiugongshan (Nine Palace Mountain) in southwest Hubei Province, China. September, 2007
Round dance of the Yi People. Nanhua County, Yunnan Province, China. August, 2007
Mushroom market in Chuxiong, Yunnan Province, China. August, 2007
Meal of mushrooms (at least 6 mushroom dishes). Chuxiong, Yunnan Province, China. August, 2007
Yu Gardens. Shanghai, China. August, 2007
Shanghai Museum of Art. Shanghai, China. August, 2007
Shanghai Jiaotong University, park-like campus. Minhang campus, Shanghai, China. August, 2007
Opium Commission plaque near the Bund. Shanghai, China. August, 2007
Pudong waterfront, Shanghai Harbor, seen from the Bund. Shanghai, China. August, 2007

University of Saskatchewan aerial view. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. June, 2007

Delta Bessborough Hotel. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. June, 2007

Prairie dog. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. June, 2007

Aerial sunset somewhere over the Northwest Territories. May, 2007

Church towers seen from Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary. May, 2007. Other images of this visit to Hungary

North Side of St. Martin's Parish Church along Kapitulska Road in Bratislava, Slovakia. May, 2007. Other images of this visit to Bratislava

Fountain at Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria. May, 2007. Other images of this stay in Vienna, Austria

Lake Seneca at Sunrise, Geneva, New York. May, 2007

Dundurn Castle which means "strong fort" in Gaelic was completed in 1835. Hamilton, Ontario. May, 2007

Georges Island, Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia. March, 2007   Georges Island is a small drumlin located in Halifax harbour. The glacial till made it ideal for use as a Fort as part of the Halifax Defense Complex. The view is from Citadel Hill which houses Fort George

View of Halifax Harbor from the entrance to Fort George on Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia. March, 2007

Statue of Amphitrite in Montreal, Quebec. March 2007
This statue was taken from a town in Northwestern France (St-Mihiel-de-la-Meuse) and was made sometime in the early 1700's. It is currently located near the Hotel Inter-Continental in the Underground walkway complex of Montreal. A piece of the Berlin Wall is located very close by.

Provincial legislature buildings, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. February, 2007

Aerial view of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia. February, 2007

Fort Niagara seen from the Canadian side, January, 2007

Frozen scene of Niagara Falls in January, 2007

Aerial view of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia in December, 2006

Flying over the Canadian Prairies during December, 2006

Montmorency Falls, 10 km east of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. August, 2006
A major battle between English and French forces was fought here in 1759, and ruins from that battle are still visible. These falls are 83m/270' high. Fireworks at night here can be seen from the Dufferin Boardwalk in Quebec City.

Sparrow in Jardin Jean D'Arc (Joan of Arc Gardens), Plains of Abraham, Quebec, Canada. August, 2006

Montreal Chinatown, Quebec, Canada. July, 2006

Montreal City Hall, Quebec, Canada. July, 2006

Reflection of Parliament in the Ottawa River, Ottawa, Canada. June, 2006

The Red River with volunteer canola in the foreground, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. June, 2006

Agricultural College building at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. June, 2006

A trip to northern Italy and southwestern Germany in May, 2006
Web Album Generator was used to create the Italy and Germany thumbnail webpages showing 52 images from Italy and 44 from Germany. 

Deep sea fishing near Jacksonville, Florida, April 2006
Eight miles off shore offers easy fishing. Drop the line to the bottom 60 feet down, and the fish are practically fighting over the squid bait. The Gulf stream is another 50 miles out. Photo credit: D. Settle.

Ponte Vedra Beach Resort near Jacksonville, Florida, April 2006
This beach offers incredible sunrise views with pelicans flying across the horizon

Condominiums on the Intracoastal Waterway, eastern American seaboard, April 2006   The Intracoastal Waterway is a 4,800 km long recreational and commercial waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. Some parts are natural while other parts were built.

Niagara River aerial view, April 2006
Lake Erie is at the back, and Lake Ontario is at front, with the Niagara River snaking through the Niagara Pennisula. Niagara Falls (both the Canadian Falls and the Horseshoe Falls) are visible as small white specks.

Queuing for take-off, Philadelphia Airport, April 2006
Seemingly endless line of planes queuing for their moment on the runway

The Lions are mountain peaks visible from Vancouver, Canada. March, 2006
These peaks were known by the Squamish Indians as "The Sisters". Another view of these peaks from Mt. Cypress can be found here as seen Dec 1997. This link describes climbing these mountain peaks. The snow is where it belongs, on mountain tops where you can visit but then leave behind.

Engraved icicle, Guelph, January 2006
What secret writing can be found in an icicle on a cherry tree? Is this different from what is found on a maple tree?Or a droplet on a cherry blossom tree in the Chinese countryside near Jingzhou, Hubei, China, March 2008?

Travel near Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence, September, 2005 (plus some older pictures)
This clickable map includes most of the American Northeast plus southern Ontario and Southern Quebec near Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Many of the larger cities in Canada plus a few in the U.S. are clickable.

A visit to Quebec City, August, 2005
Quebec City on the St. Lawrence river is among the oldest cities in North America. This link includes a clickable map with images. All of the sites are withing walking distane.

A visit to Dublin and vicinity, Ireland. July, 2005
Dublin is filled with fascinating views. This link includes a clickable map with images and some comments. Most of the sites away from Dublin were accessed by DART, and those in the city, by foot.

A visit to Northwestern Wales, United Kingand. July, 2005
Northwest Wales is filled with Castles from the time of King Edward I of England who attempted to subdue the Welsh in the 12th century. This link includes a clickable map with images and comments on the castles and directions in finding them.

Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. June, 2005

Walterdale Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. June, 2005
This circle of exercisers in the early morning sun creates a Stonehenge-like appearance

Map of China with clickable items and comments.
Click on the small square near the Yangtze River name or Beijing to access other clickable maps. Other countries (Japan, Singapore) are also clickable

Old fishing boats and buoys at Dalian, China. March, 2005
Dalian (formerly known as Port Arthur) is a very new modern city, but a few touches of old China can be seen in the fishing boats

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian, China. March, 2005
The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, just south of the Xian city center dates from the Tang Dynasty (600 AD) and previously housed original Sanskrit Buddhist texts which were brought over from India. 25 Yuan entry fee.

The Terra Cotta Soldiers, Xian, China. March, 2005
The Terra Cotta Soldiers are found near the tomb of the "First Emperor", and the site is located to the west of Xian. Three large buildings house the three major digs (soliders, generals, command center). An extensive museum has very impressive artifacts, but most of the signs are only in Chinese. Well worth the 90 Yuan entry fee.

Bronze Chariot, Xian, China. March, 2005
The Bronze Chariot was found near the tomb of the "First Emperor"

Crypt holding the Sakyamuni finger bones, Famen Temple, Xian, China. March, 2005
The finger bones of the Buddha Sakyamuni were just recently rediscovered. There were a total of four bones, in elaborate boxes, 3 of which were decoys

Tree Fossil at Bei Hai Park, Beijing, China. March, 2005
Bei Hai park costs just 5 Yuan to enter , and is just to the northwest of the Forbidden City. There are lots of amazing exhibits in the park, but don't waste the 20 Yuan to climb to the top of Jade Island next to the white Pagoda since you can get onto Jade Island and climb up right next to the white Pagoda. The 20 Yuan just allows you access up a short flight of steps to a small temple building beside the White Pagoda that gives you a view of the Forbidden city, but a better view can be seen from Jingshan Park right next door.

View of the Forbidden Palace from Jingshan Park, Beijing, China. March, 2005
Jingshan Park is just north of the Forbidden city, and the best bargain in town with a 2 Yuan entry fee. The park opens until 8pm unlike many other attractions which only open until 5pm during the off season

Long Walk at the Summer Palace, Beijing, China. March, 2005
The Summer Palace is one of the best places in Beijing to see old Chinese architecture, at just 20 Yuan entry fee in the off season. This shows a section in the park called the "long walk"

Bridge at the Summer Palace, Beijing, China. March, 2005
This bridge connects to a small island in the lake at the Summer Palace.

Stone Boat at the Summer Palace, Beijing, China. March, 2005

Offices of the MBA program at Peking University, Beijing, China. March, 2005
Beautiful traditional buildings grace the campus of Peking University, among the top two Universities in China. This compound houses the MBA program with offices and lecture rooms.

The original library at the Confucius Temple, Beijing, China. March, 2005
This library contains "The Thirteen Classics", and "borrowers" would taking etchings from the inscribed stone faces.

Confucius Temple, Beijing, China. March, 2005
The Confucius Temple is a hidden gem just a block west of the more popular Lama Buddhist Temple. Various emperors placed their writings about Confucius on large blocks set on the back of Turtle-Dragons.

Sculpted Turtle-Dragons bearing steles, Confucius Temple, Beijing, China. March, 2005
The writing on the stele on the back of this creature has Manchurian Script as well as a translation in Chinese Script.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Beijing, China. March, 2005
This small temple is just behind (north of) the Temple of Heaven, and may have been the last stop for the Emperor and his entourage as they made their annual prayers to the Gods for good harvests in their procession from south to north.

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China. March, 2005
One of the most spectacular sights in Beijing, well worth the 30 Yuan entrance fee

The Northwest Corner of the Forbidden City with moat, Beijing, China. March, 2005
One of the most beautiful sights of the Forbidden City was from the outside. A large part of the Forbidden City (front part) can be entered without charge. Near the inner compound where the 40 Yuan entrance fee is collected, you can exit through gates going west, and this leads to a view of the south section of the moat with a road that wraps around to allow you a view of the western wall

The impressive medieval castle at the old South Gate of the City, Beijing, China. March, 2005

A piece of treasure in the Imperial Museum of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. March, 2005
The Forbidden City is more properly called the Imperial Museum, and among its 9000 rooms, many of the treasures of the Emperors and their families are housed, also some of the large pieces are treasure were moved to Taiwan during the Civil Revolution. In addition to the 40 Yuan entry fee to enter the Forbidden City, there is a charge of 10 Yuan to enter the wing on the northeast corner of the Forbbiden City which contains the Art Treasures as well as the Wall of Nine Dragons.

A beautiful side scene of a Mural & Trees in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. March, 2005

A guardian statue in the private inner garden of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. March, 2005

Huge, well-worn, and intricate lock to one of the Halls in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. March, 2005

The Emperor's Audience Hall in the Forbidden City (Imperial Museum), Beijing, China. March, 2005
Tourists milling around in front of one of the many halls in the Forbidden City

A typical farmhouse on the outskirts of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. March, 2005
Traditional farmhouses near cities are quickly disappearing

One of the newest of China's Universities, Yangtze University in Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2005
China is investing huge amounts of money into Universities for education and research

Jingzhou museum in Hubei Province. March, 2005
Contains fascinating neolithic artifacts and the preserved corpse of what could be Freddy Krueger's brother. Well worth the visit

Ramparts & moat at the East Gate, Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2005

Sunrise over the moat and city wall surrounding Jingzhou, Hubei, China. March, 2005
The city of Jingzhou along the Yangtze River is the best preserved historical city in Hubei Province, with an intact 20 km long city wall surrounded by a moat

Famous pot (=deng) on Tortoise Hill, Wuhan, China. March, 2005

Famous leaders of the Warring Kingdoms, Tortoise Hill, Wuhan, China. March, 2005

Parade of statues of leaders from the Warring Kingdoms period, Tortoise Hill, Wuhan, China. March, 2005

Flying over Alaska: mountains, river & lake. February, 2005

Simon Fraser University, Burnay, British Columbia, Canada. December, 2004

Lonely Luggage on the Tarmac at Winnipeg Airport, Manitoba. November, 2004

View of Mt. Baker from the air above Seattle, Washington. November, 2004
See April 2004 for a view from Victoria, B.C.

Floating Bridge to Mercer Island near Seattle, Washington. November, 2004

View of downtown Los Angeles from The Getty Museum. August, 2004

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California. August, 2004

Museum of Civilization near Ottawa, Ontario. June, 2004

Sunrise over Niagara Falls, Ontario. June, 2004

The American Falls viewed from the Canadian side, Niagara Falls, Ontario. June, 2004

View of Victoria from Gonzales Hill Regional Park, Victoria, BC. April, 2004

Sunset over the Gulf Islands between Victoria and Vancouver. April, 2004

Peacock at the petting zoo, Victoria, B.C. April, 2004

Mt. Baker in Washington State, seen from Victoria, B.C. April, 2004

Visiting monks on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. April, 2004

Queen Elizabeth Park, old quarry and Observatory, Vancouver, B.C. March, 2004

Pavilion at the Botanical Gardens, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Huge Bookstore, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Ornate door, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Luxury Condominiums vs. Third World Shack, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Street Vendor, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Bell at the Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

View across the Yangtze River at Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Temple at Hong Shan, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Feral Cat Sculpture at East Lake, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Cave of the Three Sages, near Yichang, China. November, 2003

Rock Garden at the Three Visitor's Cave Site, near Yichang, China. November, 2003

Old Library at Wuhan University, Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Incense and Candles at a Temple in Wuhan, China. November, 2003

Performance of chime bells and old instruments at the Hubei Provincial Museum, Wuhan, China. October, 2003
20 second clip playing music from 400 BC on replicas of the instruments from the tomb of the Marquis Yi of Zeng

Lao Tse, the founder of Taoism at a Tao Temple in Wuhan, China. October, 2003

The world's largest dam on the Yangtze River, near Yichang, Hubei, China. October, 2003

Old Fashioned Chinese farmhouse in the Hubei countryside, China. September, 2003

Monastery in the mist with old city wall, Le-Shan, Szechuan Province, China. September, 2003

Le-Shan Buddha (largest stone-carved buddha in the world, 71 meters high), Le-Shan, Szechuan Province, China. September, 2003

Pavilion at People's Park, Chengdu, China. September, 2003

South Gate of the Old City, Beijing, China. September, 2003

Martyrs' Memorial in Tian An Men square by night, Beijing, China. September, 2003.
See August 2000 for a shot during the day

Entrance to the Forbidden City by night, Beijing, China. September, 2003

Beijing University West Gate Bridge, Beijing, China.September, 2003

Picnic Table, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China. September, 2003

Deep fried yummies, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China. September, 2003
...Here's the story behind this picture

Changbai Mountain Falls, Jilin Province, China. September, 2003

Heavenly Lake, Changbai Mountains in Jilin Province, China. September, 2003

Vancouver skyline from Nanaimo Skytrain Station, British Columbia. July, 2003

Lake Placid, New York. April, 2003 (-5C)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. March, 2003 (30C)

Wildlife in Central Park, New York City. January, 2003

Marche Bonsecours, Montreal, Quebec. November, 2002

Stone Forest near Kunming, China. November, 2002

Stone Forest pond near Kunming, China. November, 2002

Green Lake, Kunming, China. November, 2002

Dragon's Gate, Western Hills, Kunming, China. November, 2002

Bamboo Temple, near Kunming, China. November, 2002

University of Toronto Tower, Toronto, Ontario. October, 2002

Rainbow over Niagara Falls, Ontario. October, 2002

Sunset near Bromont, Quebec. October, 2002

Head chopping block, Tower of London, England. September, 2002
See August 1998 for outside head chopping site

Canadian Embassy, London, England. September, 2002

Vancouver shoreline from Jericho Beach, B.C. December, 2001

Near Paradise Lodge, Mt. Rainier, Washington. October, 2001
Beautiful shots of Mt. Rainier can be seen at this website.
A large scale PDF map (1.7 Mb) of Mount Rainier National Park can be found here.

University of Washington, Seattle. October, 2001

Sunset over Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. October, 2001

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake City, Utah. August, 2001

Church in Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah. August, 2001

View from Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario. August, 2001

Brockville, Ontario. August, 2001

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. May, 2001

Louisbourg Fortress, Nova Scotia. May, 2001

Niagara Falls in winter, Ontario. January, 2001

Stratford-on-Avon, Ontario. October, 2000

Buddhist retreat near Niagara Falls, Ontario. October, 2000

Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. October, 2000

Prince of Wales Hotel at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. October, 2000

"Eyeball" delicacy at restaurant in Wuhan, China. August, 2000 (actually, they are lotus seeds)

Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, China. August, 2000

Chinese donuts being made near Huazhong University, Wuhan, China. August, 2000

View of Wuhan and the Yangtze River from the Yellow Crane Tower. August, 2000

Suyuan apartments in the Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China. August, 2000

Martyrs' Memorial in Tian An Men square, Beijing, China. August, 2000

Reservoir and recreation area near Tainan, Taiwan. August, 2000

Altar at a temple in Tainan, Taiwan. August, 2000

House by the Bay in Victoria, B.C., Canada. June, 2000

University of Guelph Agricultural College Clock Tower, Guelph. June, 2000

North Saskatchewan River in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Nordegg, Alberta. April, 2000

Ram Falls in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Banff, Alberta. April, 2000

The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, February, 2000.
It said $655/night on the back of the door

Ainu totem poles near Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. December, 1999

View of Mt. Baker above the clouds from Mt. Cypress, British Columbia. December, 1999

Invermere, British Columbia. October, 1999

Yellowing larches in the Purcell Mountain Range, British Columbia. October, 1999

Golden Golf Course, British Columbia. October, 1999

Banff National Park, Alberta. May, 1999

Sheep Crossing, Banff, Alberta. May, 1999

National Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario. February, 1999

Dominion of Canada Plaque, Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario. February, 1999

Parliament Library, Ottawa, Ontario. February, 1999

Beach near Jordan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. December, 1998

Bastion Square at Christmas, Victoria, B.C., Canada. December, 1998

Big Rocks at Stonehenge, England. August, 1998

Stonehenge. August, 1998

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, England. August, 1998

Brighton Pavilion, Brighton, East Sussex, England. August, 1998

Windsor Castle, Windsor, England. August, 1998

Head Chopping Site, London Tower. August, 1998

London Tower Bridge. August, 1998

Changing of the Guards, Buckingham Palace, London. August, 1998

Craigmillar Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland. August, 1998

Holyrood Palace Gate, Edinburgh, Scotland. August, 1998

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland. August, 1998

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. August, 1998

Edinburgh, Scotland. August, 1998

ChristChurch Cathedral in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. June, 1998

Cape Enrage, Bay of Fundy. New Brunswick, Canada. June, 1998

Georgian Bay beach near Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. June, 1998

"The Lions", Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. December, 1997

Mt. Strachan, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. November, 1997

Badlands rock formation near Cheltenham, Ontario, Canada. November, 1997

Sapporo Festival of Lights. Sapporo, Japan. November, 1997

Railway tracks near the Forks of the Credit River, Ontario, Canada. October, 1997

Looking across the Nassagaweya Valley toward Rattlesnake Point on the Niagara Escarpment. Milton, Ontario, Canada. October, 1997

Albion Falls, near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. September, 1997
A description of this waterfall can be found here

Sunset over Lake Ontario, near Rochester, New York. October, 1997

"Three Sisters", Blue Mountains, Australia. July, 1997

Bottle plant, Sydney Botanical Gardens, Australia. July, 1997

Sydney Opera House, Australia. July, 1997

Sunset near Christchurch, New Zealand. July, 1997

Sheep farming, South Island, New Zealand. July, 1997

Southern Alps, New Zealand. July, 1997

"8th Uncle" in Religious parade, Taiwan. January, 1997

Tong Hai University, Taichung, Taiwan. January, 1997

32 meter Buddha, Taichung, Taiwan. January, 1997

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. January, 1997

Market place, Kota Baru, Kelantan, Malaysia. December, 1996

Snake Temple, Kota Baru, Kelantan, Malaysia. December, 1996

Sleeping Buddha, Kota Baru, Kelantan, Malaysia. December, 1996

Huge spider, Kota Baru, Kelantan, Malaysia. December, 1996

Penang, Malaysia. December, 1996

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. December, 1996

Independence Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. December, 1996

Malacca, Malaysia. December, 1996

Sultan's Palace, Johor Baru, Malaysia. December, 1996

Temple, Bangkok, Thailand. September, 1996

Magic show in Batam, Indonesia. September, 1996

Boat Quay, Singapore, September, 1996

Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada. December, 1995

View from Mt. Tsukuba, Japan. December, 1995 (golf course at lower right)

Statue of Artemis in a park in Chiba, Japan. December, 1995

Fall Colours at Belfountain, Southern Ontario, Canada. September, 1995

The Hague, The Netherlands. July, 1995

Sunset at Carmel, California. December, 1994

Sunset over the locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. September, 1994

Fort Niagara, New York, looking over the mouth of the Niagara River toward Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. May, 1991
Information on Fort Niagara can be found here

Who do your taxes go (if you're in Canada)? Revenue Canada in Ottawa. July, 1989

Frog Sculpture in the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada. July, 1989

Sunset at Siwash Rock, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada. June, 1987
Scenes of Stanley Park at another website

Sunrise Lake, Mount Rainier, Washington, USA. June, 1985

Horsecart near Xian, on the way to see Terra Cotta Soldiers. November, 1984

Sunday Mass at the Vatican. John Paul II visible in the window with the red carpet. Rome, Italy. October, 1984

St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. December, 1982

Lonely beach on Queen Charlotte Islands, near Tlell, British Columbia, Canada. May, 1983
A map of the Queen Charlotte Islands can be found here

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S. August, 1982

Vancouver sunset with UBC towers. Vancouver, B.C. April, 1982

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