Carnarvon (=Caernarfon) in Gwynedd County, Northwest Wales.

Carnarvon has Carnarvon Castle, the largest of Edward I's ring of castles and Segontium Roman Museum & Fort.

The investiture of Prince Charles took place on the round platform seen at the bottom of this shot above. The many towers and views from the castle are well worth the admission (4.50).

The remnants of Segontium Fort built in 77 A.D. are well kept. Entry is free to the main grounds, and the stones are visible through the fence if the gates are closed, but a very interesting portion lies across the road on the south side.

This portion below to the south of the road is usually locked and said to be not open to the public, but a walk through the playground south of this area allows you to view the old bath area. From the entry to the museum, cross Llanbeblig Road and turn left walking along the wall. At the next street, turn right and continue to follow the wall. According to the museum curator, this original portion of the wall is the highest at up to 12 feet (labelled "original wall" below). Walk beside the wall until a break in it that leads into a small playground. Enter the playground and continue to walk along the wall, and climb over this short portion to see this view.

Directions: Carnarvon Castle is less than 0.25 km from the main bus station. To reach the Segontium Roman Museum from the Castle, walk toward the large Church on the other side of the square, and proceed on the road that is the on the left (North side) of the church. You will reach a busy intersection with Stryd Newbwrch (0.5 km from Castle) which you need to cross and then walk up the hill along Fford Cwstenin which turns into Fford Llandbeblig. The entrance to the Segontium Museum & Fort (< 1km from Castle) is on the left side (North side) of this road. On the south side of this road is the old Roman Bath House.

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