Llandudno has retained its Victorian era charm with a promenade along the beach devoid of vendors

The two mountains on either side of Llandudno (called the Great Orme and the Little Orme) offer great views of the area. This is a view from the Great Orme

This is a view of the Little Orme from the Great Orme at Sunset

This shot from the Great Orme shows the houses in Llandudno, many of which are B&B's

From the Great Orme, Conwy Castle can be seen in the distance

On top of the Great Orme, there are artefacts from ancient dwellers, over 5000 years ago. This one is called a Cromlech which was a burial/worship place. This site was not easy to find since it does not have much signage. To find this, go the midpoint of the Tramway and head toward the Copper Mines. Continue along the road which goes around the Copper Mines and within 0.5 km, turn right at Old Church Road. At the end of this road (half a block), there is a stile to cross over a fence into a field with contains the Cromlech.

Beware that there is an aggressive horse there which seems to crave attention and affection rather than being bad tempered. The amazing thing was that this horse followed me into the Cromlech fence enclosure and then started to scratch her side on the Cromlech Stones.

From the Great Orme, Ireland can just barely be seen in the northwest (see dublin.htm for pictures on castle & ruin hunting near Dublin)

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