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The MBA in Agribusiness at the University of Guelph is a twelve month, intensive degree designed to prepare participants for professional management careers in some area of the agrifood sector.   Students completing the MBA have a vast array of career opportunities available such as marketing managers, loan officers, consultants, operation managers, commodity analysts or traders, farm or ranch managers as well as managerial positions in food processing, banking, government, trade associations, trade associations and other agrifood organizations.

Nature of the Program

The MBA program is comprehensive preparation for a management position in modern agribusiness.

The program takes 12 months to complete and is offered using a variety of learning situations.  Although most courses are full semester courses, there are a selection of seven-week intensive courses and some learning workshops.  The major individual project is a key feature of the MBA in Agribusiness at the University of Guelph.

The MBA program is a demanding professional experience and investment in future career satisfaction.  It is a professional program that stresses decision-making, communication and leadership that has several differentiating features.

It stresses small classes composed of individuals with diverse experience and backgrounds in order to provide maximum opportunity for discussion and interaction with other students and faculty.

It focuses on the agrifood sector so that students have an opportunity for in-depth learning about the industry in which they will develop their careers.

It comprises three consecutive semesters beginning in September and ending in August.  This allows students to complete the program quickly, reduce cash, opportunity and other costs.

It immerses the student in agribusiness situations in order to learn management principles while providing a firm understanding of the concepts and tools important in modern agribusiness management.

It is based on the philosophy that the most effective way to learn management skills is to “learn by doing”.  The program gives participants hands-on experience solving business problems through case studies, team projects and a management training project.

In the MBA program, students progress through the three semesters with the same group thus fostering the team approach so important to modern management.  Team work enhances the learning experience as students learn from each other and practice interpersonal skills.  Classmates become valued colleagues when they enter the business world.

Program Administration

The MBA program is administered by the MBA committee.  This committee applies admission criteria, sets program policy, content and procedures as well as handling other issues related to the administration and development of the MBA program.  The committee’s members are Dr. Erna van Duren (Chair), Dr. Francesco Braga, Dr. Dave Sparling, Dr. Thomas Funk and a representative from the School of Hotel and Food Administration.  The secretary for the MBA program is Audrey Donley.  Any inquiries about the MBA program can be made to any of the MBA committee’s members.

Program Fees and Computer Requirements

Currently program fees for the MBA in Agriculture - Residential Full-time Studies Option are the same as those for other graduate students at the University of Guelph.

MBA students are strongly encouraged to have a Pentium type laptop computer since completing the program requires a significant amount of work involving a micro computer (reports, spreadsheets, etc.).

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available for the MBA program on a limited basis.  Outstanding students will be considered for partial assistance upon entry and throughout the program.

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