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Developed: Sept. 19th, 2000
Modified: Jan. 19th, 2003
Modified: September 23rd, 2004
Modified: September 29th, 2005


The organization shall be officially named the Tamil Students’ Association of the University of Guelph; hereafter known simply as TSAG.  


The purpose of TSAG is to promote “Tamil” cultural awareness and act as an outlet for the Tamil students, faculty and others connected with the University of Guelph with regards to the Tamil culture. The Association will endeavor to act as a social and academic aid to Tamil students and to those that wish exposure to the Tamil culture. TSAG will act in a positive form to bring greater awareness within and outside the Tamil Community. Tolerance, adaptability and foremost the preservation of the Tamil culture shall be the goal of the TSAG. As TSAG’s goal is to promote and act as an outlet for the Tamil culture, the moment it steps out of its intended goals it no longer adheres by this constitution.

2.a. The fundamental core of TSAG, which is to solely represent and promote Tamil culture and language, cannot be altered in any way, shape, or form. As part of the greater community of TSAs worldwide, the mandate of TSAG is to ensure that the Tamil identity is propagated in a manner that directly contributes to its purpose, stated in Section 2 of the TSAG Constitution.

2.b. Any change in the official name of the TSAG is to reflect the purpose and mandate of the organization, as outlined within the Constitution.

2.c. The TSAG shall not discriminate according to ethnicity, race, religion, age, social class or background. To this effect, there is no discrimination as to who may constitute as general members. However, executive positions must be held by a minimum of 80% Tamil majority at all times.  


In order to be a member of the Association, one is required to be a registered undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Guelph. Associate membership shall be offered; however, it is restricted to alumni, faculty and staff members of the University of Guelph.

3.a. Voting privileges will be limited to general members of the Association; and only those members are eligible to sit on Executive council of the Association.

3.b. There shall be a set membership fee every term, maintained and enforced by the executive council.

3.c. TSAG members are responsible for presenting themselves in a manner which befits students of the University of Guelph.  


The members of the Tamil Students’ Association will democratically elect members to the Executive Council. Each elected executive can only hold the same position for a maximum of two school years. The Executive Council is responsible for all the decision-making related to TSAG, and the events it conducts or promotes. General members are to respect the final decisions of the executive council.

4.a. President is responsible for the entirety of the Association and its maintenance. He/ She shall attend all general and executive meetings. He/She is responsible for representing the TSAG within and outside the Tamil Community in a positive and respectful manner. He/She is responsible and held accountable for all external events that are held under the name of the TSAG.

The President of the Association can only be elected from a pool of previous TSAG executive members, who have actively served the TSAG in the past for minimum period of one year. As experience with the TSAG in an executive position is a required prerequisite, nominations during elections will not be valid for anyone who does not fulfill this requirement.

The President of the Association may, at his or her discretion, delegate some of the presidential responsibilities to another member of the executive board.

The President of the Association is expected to abide by the Constitution. If there is any dissatisfaction with the Constitution, sections may only be changed with unanimous consent from all current executive members. However, the purpose of the Constitution, as outlined in Section 2, cannot be changed and therefore must remain the same.

4.b. Vice-president is to assist the President in his/her duties; and assume the president’s responsibilities in his/her absence. He/she must have served   TSAG on the past executive council or posses minimum of two years as a general member.

4.c. Secretary will record the minutes of all meetings and events of the Association.

The Secretary is responsible for all general correspondences and the handling of the TSAG records. Upon end of term, he/she shall turn over all Association records to the incoming secretary.

The Secretary may also be responsible for booking rooms for executive and general meetings, at the direction of the President or Vice President.

4.d. Treasurer is responsible for the finance of the Association. He/she shall keep detailed records of all income and expenses incurred by the TSAG. Upon end of term, he/she shall turn over all financial records pertaining to the TSAG to the incoming Treasurer.

4.e. Social Coordinator is responsible for assisting the President and Vice-president in all arrangements of social events put on by the TSAG.

4.f. Sports Coordinator is responsible for assisting the President and Vice-President in all sports events put on by the TSAG.

4.g Representatives are responsible for representing the Association to their respective groups; and assisting the Executive with routine activities.  


The Association will receive most of its funding from its membership fees; along with such fund as given to other University Societies by the University of Guelph. Furthermore, the Association may accept donations from patrons of the community. Funds raised at any Association events will be the property of the TSAG. Association funds are to be used for the promotion of its own events only. However, contributions may be made to charitable and humanitarian purposes with the approval of all Executive members.  


Members may submit a proposal for an amendment at a general meeting. Association members will vote after thorough analysis of the proposal. Executive members will make the final decision. 

The Association owes responsibilities to the University of Guelph and its authorities.


Elections shall take place at the end of each school year, unless otherwise indicated by the Executive council. It is a mandate of this constitution to have elected the positions of President, Vice-president and Treasurer for the coming year. Members of TSAG are to be notified of elections, at least one week prior to the meeting at which time the elections will be held. The term of office is for one school year.

8.a. Once elected to the executive council, the executive maintains that position until re-elections are conducted for the next school term. However, any individual executive may voluntarily resign his or her position at any time, and a re-election may be called for, by the executive council, for that position only.  


General meetings will take place in the first and last months of the semester. Executive meetings, at least once a month. Meetings may be called, however, with ample notice. Executive members are expected to attend all meetings. 


All official meetings and documentation will be in the English language. Tamil shall be the social language of the Association. Language is a means of communication, no one person or group is to be alienated by the use of language


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