Guelph Resource Centre

for Gender Empowerment and Diversity


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Centre Hours

Monday 11am-5pm

Tuesday 11am-5pm

Wednesday 11am-5pm

Thursday 11am-5pm


There are times when the centre closes due to unforeseen circumstances. 


The centre is open during classes and exams, but not between semesters.

Please feel free to contact us out side of these hours.  Access us in Room UC 107

grcged at gmail dot com or call 519-824-4120 X58559.


There is a large selection of pamphlets and information posters in the foyer outside of the centre and available whenever the University Centre is open.  We also try to keep a supply of condoms available there too.

Books and correspondence can be dropped through the slot to the left of the door when we are not open.

Add us on facebook to get notices about our events and workshops or subscribe to the RSS feed on the Events and Workshops page.

We are a student funded, collectively run resource centre for people of all or no genders.  We advocate anti-oppression issues within a feminist framework, recognizing that issues of gendered oppression consist of struggles against all systems of domination.  We offer a relaxing, comfortable space where you can use our microwave and/or chat with our friendly volunteers and staff.  We provide resources and support for students, staff, faculty and community members, who can use our extensive library, computers and other accessible technologies, buy traditional and alternative menstrual products, attend our workshops and other public events, or become a trained volunteer or collective member.  If you are in crisis, you can also access peer support, referrals and a private room.