Dr. Ron Johnson
RonJohnson Research Interests:
Cardiovascular health and disease:
- Regulation of integrated venous function in health and disease (chronic heart failure)
- Myogenic factors controlling venomotor tone
- Sympathetic neurotransmission and adrenergic pathways
- Endothelinergic pathways
- Effects of sex steroids on vascular reactivity

Techniques available in our lab:
- Vascular pressure myography
- High pressure liquid chromato-graphy (HPLC)
- Echocardiography
- Instrumented whole-animal studies

Clinical Pharmacology
- Analgesic use in companion and food producing animals
- Pharmacokinetic studies
- Drug delivery systems
- Drug and analyte assays (HPLC, ELISA, EIA) (non-GLP)
- Clinical trials for regulatory approval of veterinary drugs (GCP)
- Exploratory/Discovery studies (non-GLP)

Departmental Faculty Page

Shawn Veitch
Saad Enouri(Ph.D Candidate)
Afrah Al-Najeer (Ph.D Candidate)

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