Confocal Billing Authorization Form

Confocal Microscopy Unit

Gryph Mail is used to book a time at any instrument in the Confocal Microscopy Unit. A link to the corresponding instrument will be provided after training is completed.

Internal billing will be done as a journal entry. A billing information sheet providing the trust fund number must be filled out, with accompanying authorization, before the facility can be used. These sheets are available for download. External billing will be done by invoicing the user, institution or company following usage. Billing is generally done on a monthly basis unless otherwise arranged.

Before any unsupervised access is granted, users must enroll in supervised training sessions during which they will review with the confocal manager how to operate the equipment properly and safely. The time required for the training sessions will vary depending upon the user’s demonstrated competency with the equipment. Billing will be at the “Training” fee rate.

Users should come with prepared samples and ready to use the microscope, so that the time on the microscope is optimized. You are expected to bring your own supplies including pipets, slides, coverslips, computer disks, etc. However, the facility will provide immersion oil and lens paper.

Backup of the data on the server, CDRs, or DVDs are the responsibility of the user. Temporary storage on the hard drive and server is provided but files saved to computer hard drives must be removed as soon as possible. All computer hard drives will be cleared on a regular basis - it is the users’ responsibility to manage their own image files.

When using these facilities you must clearly write in each sign-up book the date, your name, department, log on and log off time, and total number of hours you used the equipment.
For any planned after hours use of the confocal system, please make arrangements with the confocal manager for access to the hallways.
Please notify the confocal manager immediately of any problems that you encounter with the equipment - it is essential that we work together in taking care of the facility. Improper care of the equipment will result in rejection of access to the facility.

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