BioEd Research Grants

COESP BioEd Research Grants


Description: This grant provides seed funding or support to conduct inquiry research of higher education in biology (BioEd) that has strong potential to lead to peer-reviewed publications.  Areas include, but are not limited to, investigation of student learning, teaching activities and the student learning experience

This grant may supplement other sources of funding, such as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fund from the University of Guelph

Applicants –Full-time Faculty from the College of Biological Science are eligible to apply.  Teams of researchers including Graduate Students are permitted. Departmental Chair and Dean’s approval is also required.

Expenses –Eligible expenses include salaries, supplies, and publication costs to conduct BioEd research.  Travel for the purposes of conducting research is permitted; however, conference expenses are not eligible.  Please apply to the COESP Conference Travel Awards for conference travel support.

There are two levels of grants:

  1. BioEd Research grant:  up to $7000; ONE available each year
  1. BioEd Research Seed grant:  up to $1500; maximum TWO available each year

In each year, $10000 is available for these grants.

Only ONE BioEd Grant may be held by a CBS faculty member per granting cycle (each year).
These levels of support were chosen based on the cost of paying people to carry out research, although budgets for the BioEd Research grants can be justified for other research-related costs (see above).  The full BioEd grant will cover the cost of one semester for one full-time undergraduate or one graduate student GTA.  The seed grant can cover the cost of an undergraduate Work Study student.

Method and Deadline of Application:
Apply by submitting a completed application form online by the first Friday in August each year

The application will consist of the following sections in the online applications:

Title of the proposal
Applicant contact information
Information about the research team (if applicable)

Short summary of the proposal (600 characters) suitable for social media sharing

Research Proposal (6000 characters, NOT including references)

  • Long-term research program or question
  • Short-term project-specific aims
  • Background literature of the area
  • Methods and analysis
    • Previous experience to demonstrate feasibility
    • Named collaborations in growth areas
  • Significance and impact
  • Dissemination plan
  • References

Research Timeline and Budget Justification (3000 characters)

  • An itemized list of costs associated with the proposal
  • A timeline for the expenditure of the funds within ONE calendar year (September – September)
    • Named or proposed research personnel
    • Plan for their involvement in the research

An education-research focused CV of the applicant(s).
Signature page for approval from the Chair and Dean -- Signature page found in the ATTACHED FILE

Proposal Review Process
Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of peers led by the Director of the COESP.  Members of the committee will include the Research Coordinator of the CBS BioEd Research Hub and 1 other faculty member selected on their past experience with education research.

Applications will be judged based on significance of the proposed inquiry, feasibility of achieving the goals, and feasibility of a peer-reviewed publication.

Successful applicants are expected to participate in communicating their research activities at the University of Guelph (TLI conferences and COESP-sponsored events) and in a peer-reviewed journal, with the COESP acknowledged in any presentations.  Successful applicants also agree to the promotion of their research through COESP social media outlets at the beginning, during and upon completion of their BioEd Research.  A final report describing the outcomes of the research is required at the end of the granting cycle.

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