COESP Teaching Network (CTN)

COESP Teaching Network | CTN

The COESP Teaching Network (CTN) is a facilitated interactive network with the goal of identifying and applying teaching and learning experience from both within CBS and the literature, while developing community across CBS.


The CTN will highlight innovations in teaching and learning happening in CBS, hear about it from your colleagues. The CTN will also feature brief summaries from the evidence-based literature, distilling applications you can implement. The CTN also offers a place for personal reflection on your Teaching practice.  

Recognizing the reality of time constraints, the CTN is developed on Courselink as an online network to allow asynchronous engagement. The CTN is structured around posts of curated content and a prompt, providing members the opportunity to interactively engage.  

Ultimately, the CTN is about exchanging ideas. Gain and share experience and motivation in teaching and learning through your interaction with the network!

Currently, the CTN is available to members of CBS through Courselink. If you are interested in CTN please contact us and we will be happy to provide additional information.