Checklist - End of Semester

End of the Semester - Items to consider

Submitting Final Grades

Instructors are required to submit their final grades, 7 calendar days following the completion of the exam. Grade submission is completed through the course website on Courselink.
Full details on how to submit final grades through CourseLink are available through their on-line help.
Complete details regarding submitting grades can be found on the Open Ed website.

Incomplete Coursework

For any student who does not complete the final exam or final assignment, which may include major assignments or lab finals due at the end of the semester, an incomplete coursework form must be completed and should be submitted with a copy of your final grades to the Chair of your department.

Deferred Privileges

Missed Final Exam or Assignment

If a student misses a final exam or assignment due to medical, psychological or compassionate grounds, including any major course requirements due at the end of the semester, they can apply for a deferred privilege through their program counsellor’s office. These requests are considered to be a request for academic consideration and would therefore require documentation to support the request.
Further details regarding deferred privileges, ie deferred exam or deferred condition can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Releasing Final Grades

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for releasing student’s final grades. A student’s grade is considered to be official once released by the Registrar’s Office, on WebAdvisor. Instructors are not required nor encouraged to release final grades in CourseLink. 

Grade Changes

If there is a change in a student’s final grade, this change needs to be submitted via the Grade Change form. Typical reasons for a grade change include:

  • Result of student grade reassessment appeal
  • Correction of miscalculation of grade
  • Result of completed deferred exam or condition
  • Results of a supplemental privilege

The grade reassessment form is available on the Colleague classlist site.

The instructor completes this form and submits the form to the Chair of their department, it is then sent over to the Registrar’s Office for the release of the revised grade.

Grade changes should not be a result of an instructor giving an extension to complete work or missing the grade submission deadline. 

Grade Reassessment

Students can appeal their final grade. The request must be received by the instructor of the course within 10 days of the start of the semester immediately following the completion of the course. The instructor has up to 5 days to respond to the request either with a response to the request or at the very least acknowleding the request and indicating that an investigation has become. If the instructor has not responded to the student, the student is advised to contact the chair of the department. 

The grounds of the grade reassessment must fall within three distinct categories:

  • Omissions or errors in the calculation of the final grade
  • Misapplication of a academic policy or procedure
  • Methods or Criteria used to establish the final grades

Complete details of each of these categories and the instructors responsibility when a request has been submitted, by the student can be found at in the Undergraduate Calendar

Retaining Student Work

An instructor is required to retain students work for at least 1 semester following the completion of the course.

Reviewing Final Work

If a student wishes to view their final exam or any final work completed during the final exam period they must put the request in writing to the chair of the department that offers the course, within 5 business days of the start of the following semester.

The chair will make arrangements for the student to review the material or will pass the request to the instructor. The instructor would then make arrangements with the student to review the exam. The instructor is responsible for providing the exam and answer key for the exam/final work and any other materials or notes taken at the exam; i.e., if the exam was an oral exam or presentation and there were notes made regarding the presentation. The student may review the exam but may not take the exam or answer key.