Curriculum Development

B.Sc. Program Committee

The BSc Program Committee is responsible for the academic quality and integrity of the B.Sc. degree. This committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Undergraduate Studies, which reports to the Senate of the University. The program committee is responsible for but is not limited to the management of the, admission requirements, schedules of studies, course offerings, and developing the learning outcomes etc for the B.Sc. degree.

The Associate Dean Academic has a role in chairing this committee jointly with the Associate Dean Academic for the College of Physical and Engineering Science.  

All proposed changes to the B.Sc. Program must be approved by the B.Sc. Program Committee. Membership of the committee is dictated by Senate and includes faculty representation from the College of Biological Science, College of Physical Science, College of Social and Applied Human Science, Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario Agricultural College, Program Counsellors, an individual from an external program and students from within the program.

There are also a number of subcommittees that report to the B.Sc. Program Committee including;

  • B.Sc. Admissions  sub-committee
  • Academic Review sub-committee

Changes to the curriculum can be proposed and submitted to the B.Sc Program Committee from any individual within the College. The changes are normally first submitted to the appropriate departmental curriculum committee to be reviewed and approved. Once approved by the curriculum committee the changes are forwarded to the Associate Dean Academic for the department submitting the change and once approved forwarded on to Program Committee. Program committee will review the request and if approved forward along the changes to Calendar Review Committee (CRC), then to the Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUGS) and finally to Senate for final approval or information, depending on the type of change submitted. A schematic representation of this process can be found on the Director of Undergraduate Curriculum's website.

Curriculum Committee

Each department has a curriculum committee which will oversee curriculum development and structure for each major offered by the department as well as the courses offered by the department. Below are the curriculum committee contacts for each department.

Human Health and Nutritional Sciences - William Bettger
Integrative Biology - Rob McLaughlan
Molecular and Cellular Biology - Ray Lu

Process to submit changes

The Director of Undergraduate Curriculum, under direction of the Associate Vice President Academic (AVPA) has developed a number of forms in which all curriculum changes must be submitted. The forms are available on the Director's web site. Above is a chart outlining the approval process required to submit curriculum changes.

Curriculum changes include:

  • Program Information: FORM A
    • This is for changes to admission requirements or proposing a new major or deleting an old major.
    • If a curriculum committee is considering any of these options they should contact the Associate Dean Academic immediately.
  • Course Change: FORM B
    • revise a course title
    • change lecture/lab hours
    • change semester offering
    • change pre-requisites or co-requisites or restrictions to the course
    • change the course description
  • Course Deletion: FORM C
    • to delete a course from the calendar completely
    • if you are looking to cancel an offering, please contact the ADA office
  • Specialization Change: FROM D
    • any change to the schedule of studies of the major, including the restricted electives
  • New course additionFORM E - Part I and II are both required, 
    • these forms are also required when changing from a 3000 to 4000 level course or a renumbering of the courses
  • Change in Credit WeightFORM F
    • can also use this form to update a course change at the same time
  • Program or Specialization Deletion FORM G
  • Major Modication Brief
    • used for the merger of two or more programs
    • creating a new area of emphasis to an existing program
    • adding in a coop option to an existing major
    • name change of an existing specialization with further modifications

****Please note the deadlines to submit curriculum changes and in which calendar the changes will take effect**** Curriculum changes do not impact the current semester.