OAHN Update March 2017

OAHN logoWe have wrapped up the first year of our OAHN projects, with some networks planning to release results and reports in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates via your species group listservs and AGMs, as well as OAHN reports.

There have been several new disease outbreaks of interest in Canada, and we are following them closely. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news items every day as we collate the news for you in one place. Don’t use social media? Check out animal health links of the week, posted weekly on our website.

PodcastsNew podcasts!

· OAHN’s Equine Lyme Project Update with Memo Arroyo LMV, DVSc, PhD, DACVIM, Associate Professor, at the Ontario Veterinary College.

· 3-part series on equine proliferative enteropathy (Lawsonia) with Nathan Slovis, DVM, DACVIM, CHT (Haygard Medical Centre) and Dr. Arroyo.

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The Bee network has followed up its first report (released in the fall 2016) with a 2-part podcast series outlining the network’s OAHN-funded project and bee testing at the AHL.


The small ruminant network met in January, with reports to be released soon. The OMAFRA network co-lead, Dr. Jocelyn Jansen, has also spearheaded captive bolt training sessions for sheep and goat producers, held at the AHL.


The OAHN Bovine Network released its latest reports in February, discussing mycotoxins, diagnostic rates of abortion cases, and more.


The OAHN Fish Network has been discussing whirling disease, diagnosed in Western Canada, and the possible threat to Ontario. The network is currently working on its first infographic on the topic. Wondering what whirling disease is? Find out here.


The swine network met in January, and its report was released in February. Network reports can be found here.  Last quarter, nearly 300 clicked through the producer report and >40 read the veterinary report.

Alternative species

On alternative species calls, we discuss interesting cases with experts, and we have a listserv to trade case and treatment ideas. Email oahn@uoguelph.ca to join.


The poultry network will hold its next call in March, and its latest survey was released on Feb 1st.  The network has also held calls in response to new strains of IBV. You can check out the IBV Fact Sheet here.

Small flock corner:

OAHN held its first small flock conference call on September 14th. Interesting cases in backyard flocks were discussed, with veterinarians providing expert advice. You can still sign up for the Small Flock Listserv by emailing oahn@uoguelph.ca.


The equine’s latest reports can be found here. The network lead and network member will be presenting at the OAEP AGM in February on the equine Lyme project results.  NEWS: 1 EIA case was diagnosed in Quebec in early Jan– article here.


The CWHC Q4 report was published on OAHN in January. Find the report here. Through its OAHN project, the Wildlife network has launched a citizen surveillance website to report wildlife disease. Find it here: http://wildlifehealthtracker.com/

Companion animals

The OAHN companion animal network released its quarterly report in February, covering acute infectious respiratory disease, canine lungworm, rabies, and more. The Companion Animal Network also published a new infographic on “Echinococcus multilocularis in Ontario,” which you can access here. As well, OAHN published a new podcast on E. multilocularis, featuring an interview with Dr. Andrew Peregrine and master’s student Jonathon Kotwa.