OAHN update - December 2019

Michael Deane and Kate Todd 

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, ON

AHL Newsletter 2019;23(4):5.

The Ontario Animal Health Network has been busy throughout the fall, releasing new podcasts, infographics, as well as fish and small flock poultry veterinary videos. We will be holding our annual workshop at the end of November, bringing together veterinarians, researchers, people from industry and provincial government agencies, and AHL pathologists to plan OAHN’s coming year. Many networks have recently completed some exciting research projects, with more on the way before the end of the year. Read on to find links and descriptions of what we’ve been working on. Be sure to check out OAHN.ca for new reports, lab data and resources.

CIRDC infographic and broodmare health podcast

Equine Infographic The OAHN Equine Network created a new podcast: Broodmare Health! How to manage and reduce the impact of EHV-1 abortion in your broodmare herd. In this episode, OAHN Equine Network co-lead Dr. Alison Moore is joined by Dr. Tracey Chenier, Associate Professor of Theriogenology at the Ontario Veterinary College, to discuss equine herpesvirus-1 abortion in mares and farm biosecurity measures.
Canine Infectious reespiratory disease complex icon The OAHN Companion Animal Network created a new infographic on canine infectious respiratory disease complex. The infographic covers diagnostics, initial treatment, and indications for prudent use of antimicrobials.

OAHN small flock poultry and fish veterinary video series

The OAHN Fish Network produced a series of videos for veterinarians and videos for those interested in the aquaculture industry on some common veterinary procedures and clinical conditions affecting aquaculture species. These videos can be found at:



OAHN has been working with Dr. Victoria Bowes, a diagnostic avian pathologist with a special interest in small flock medicine, to produce a series of videos to assist veterinarians treating small flock poultry. Recently released videos on the topic of enteric disease in small flock poultry can be found at: https://oahn.ca/small-flock/

 Completed Research Projects 

Each OAHN network has embarked on one or more research initiatives related to disease surveillance for their specific species. Find details below:

OAHN Wildlife research project: Characterizing the spatial patterns of chronic wasting disease susceptibility in white-tailed deer - https://oahn.ca/resources/characterizing-the-spatial-patterns-of-chronic-wasting-disease-susceptibility-in-white-tailed-deer/