Tier I Research Program Resources

Town Halls

Four town hall style information sessions were held throughout October 2019. These sessions provided information about the application process, new OMAFRA Research Priorities and tips for completing a proposal. The Town Hall slide deck is available as well as an audio recording of the presentation. A transcript of the Town Hall can be found here.

Discovery and Dialogue Meetings

A series of meetings followed the town halls, each focused on different OMAFRA research priorities, to provide U of G researchers with the opportunity to network with OMAFRA staff. Slide decks for these meetings are coming soon. Audio recordings of the first portion of these meetings are available.

Trade, Market, Sector Growth; Productive Land Capacity priorities

Slides coming soon.

Animal Health & Welfare; Competitive Production Systems

Transcript of DDM 2.

Plant Health & Protection; Competitive Production Systems

Soil Health; Water Quality & Quantity; Sustainable Production Systems