Research & Recovery


Our plant collections provide visitors with the chance to see and learn about plants from all over the northern hemisphere.

To find a particular woody plant, you should try our Arboretum Explorer Website. This mapping system will direct you to the places where certain species are located. We will be constantly adding data to this system so the information you will see may not be a complete representation of each species found here.

The Arboretum is a member of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Canadian Botanical Conservation Network, and the Canadian Biodiversity Network. Members recognize that plant collecting and education should shift from historic international efforts towards a focus on the local flora (threatened species in particular). Threats to native species include forest clearcutting, poaching, fire, pest or disease migration and climate change. By focusing on local flora, the threatened species all over the world have directed efforts that reduce the risk of local extirpation or complete extinction by handing a conservation role over to local citizens.