Gosling Wildlife Gardens

manmade stream in one of the gosling wildlife gardens

Wildlife Needs

Wondering how you can make your own backyard more wildlife friendly? There are 4 things that need to be provided in any wildlife garden;

  1. Food - This includes fruits, berries and nuts as well as leaves, bark, nectar, pollen, buds and flowers.  And the herbivores attracted to these also attract predators which are an important part of the ecology of a garden.
  2. Water - Obviously needed for drinking, but also important for aquatic creatures and plants as well as for animals that have part of their life cycle in the water such as dragonflies, toads and frogs
  3. Shelter - Whether it is from the elements or from predators or for raising young, shelter is an important part of the garden for wildlife
  4. Space - Some need a little and some need a lot, but all wildlife needs at least some space to survive.

Garden Design and Plant List

The  Gosling Wildlife Gardens collection is a neighbourhood of five gardens on the scale of urban and suburban backyards. Each one is planted with trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that provide food and/or cover for wildlife. Check out our Gosling Wildlife Garden Plant List at the bottom of this page. The plants selected for the gardens are available from nurseries, garden centers or the Annual Arboretum Auxiliary Plant Sale.

After entering each garden, look for the drawing of the house. These represent the location of the house for each backyard. Also note that the plantings have been arranged in relation to the backyard gardens, not the path. The path is purely to assist you in exploring each garden.

Maps and Descriptions for each Wildlife Garden:

Garden One: The Butterfly, Moth and Hummingbird Garden

Garden Two: The Lawn

Garden Three: The Native Plants Garden

Garden Four: The Suburban Garden

Garden Five: The Small City Garden

Learn more about the Gosling Wildlife Gardens:


Map of Gosling Wildlife Gardens

For more information about the Gosling Wildlife Gardens or to make a donation, please contact arbor@uoguelph.ca.

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