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Garden Five: The Small City Garden

Map of the Gosling Wildlife Gardens

As you walked through the large gardens, you may have been wondering how one might apply the various wildlife gardening ideas to a smaller lot. This garden is a small-scale synthesis of the themes demonstrated throughout the Gosling Wildlife Gardens collection. Enter the garden by passing through the fence and from the garden shed (the location of the house) and its adjacent patio you can see the shrub border to your right. Borders similar to this were in the Native Plants Garden and separating the Butterfly Garden from The Lawn. The flagstone path leads you past woodland plantings as well as nectar and pollen rich perennials that include both native species and horticultural varieties. Vegetables such as rhubarb have been planted amongst the perennials along the fence. Look for the native paw paw trees just beyond the shed, the prickly pear cactus in front of the large boulder and larval food plants such as pearly everlasting for American Painted Ladies. A small pond in the centre of the garden provides an essential source of water.

Return to the shed and sit on the bench for awhile and experience the relationships that exist between plants and wildlife. Also, think about this collection not from the standpoint of individual gardens but rather the sense of community that the five gardens demonstrate: a synergy of effort that if replicated by gardeners, neighbours or whole neighbourhoods could truly produce a net gain of wildlife habitat in our urban areas. What a thought... that after so many years of habitat destruction we can give something back.

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