Plant Collections

A plant/botanical collection is a grouping of plants based upon taxonomic relationships, form or function. The Arboretum has over 40 plant collections of native and introduced species.

They have many purposes which include:

  1. Public education 
  2. Research 
  3. Landscape examples 
  4. Habitat restoration examples 
  5. Genetic diversity of rare plants

Walk through the various collections and note the great diversity of form and colour. Two alphabetical lists of the collections (one with Latin names and one with common names) and one numerical list are provided. Numbers refer to the location of the collection on the map. Most of the collection plants are marked with 3" x 5" engraved labels.

These labels reveal: 

  1. Latin (botanic) name 
  2. Common English name 
  3. Common family name 
  4. Latin family name 
  5. Natural Distribution Plant names in single quotes, eg. 'NANA', are human-made selections of wild species

Labels for these cultivated varieties (cultivars) state when and where they were developed and who developed them. Viburnum trilobum (1) HIGHBUSH CRANBERRY (2) Honeysuckle Family (3) Caprifoliaceae (4) n. N. Amer.(5)

Use the labels for orientation purposes, referring to the family names on the labels to the numbers on the following lists:


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