Biodiversity Identification Sheets: A fun way to learn what is out there!

Sometimes it is easier to identify animals and plants if you can see a lot of images at once instead of looking through a book. These double-sided, 11 X 17 inch, laminated sheets allow the viewer to scan through 53 colourful images in a flash. We have field tested most of these on all ages, from preschool to retirees, with great results - everyone loves them! Some are organised to cover specific habitats and some concentrate on specific groups of organisms. The sheets also make great placemats; one of our volunteers has a 2.5-year-old grandson who can identify all of the insects on the goldenrod sheet and he learned them all while eating at grandpa and grandma's house!

There are 22 different sheets and they are $5 each. These prices already include the tax.  You can purchase them at The Arboretum Centre Monday- Friday during business hours or buy online and have them shipped to you.  A shipping fee does apply.  To have them shipped please place your order here: 

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Here are each side of the sheets. A big thank you to the photographers that donated shots for this project!

Backyard Birds (a summer side and a winter side - great for seeing what is coming to the bird feeder!) 

A selection of various birdsA selection of various birds

Sky and Space (look up...way up!)

a selection of atmospheric conditionsa selection of space phenomenon

Goldenrod Life (great resource for exploring a field of goldenrod in the fall) 

A selection of various insectsA selection of various insects

Mammals (mammals on one side, tracks on the other) 

A selection of various mammalsA selection of various mammal footprints

Pond Life (vernal pools on one side, permanent ponds on the other)  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

A selection of various pond wildlifeA selection of various pond wildlife

Spring Woodland Wildflowers (colourful on one side, white on the other) 

Selection of various wildflowersSelection of various wildflowers

Reptiles and Amphibians (one side) and dragonflies (other side) 

Selection of various reptiles and anphibiansSelection of various dragonflies

Butterflies (one side) and Moths (other side)  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Selection of various butterfliesSelection of various moths

Tree Leaves (see the variety of shapes and edges) 

Selection of various tree leavesSelection of various tree leaves

Animal Signs and Winter Seedheads (be an animal sleuth and a winter botanist!) 

a selection of signs of specific animalsa selection of winter seedheads

Indoor Wildlife (what can you find in your own home?) 

Selection of various indoor wildlifeSelection of various indoor wildlife

Fungi and Lichens (check out the beauty in these small organisms!) 

Selection of various fungi and lichesSelection of various fungi and liches

Warblers and Sparrows (everyone's favourites on one side and those LBJ's - little brown jobs - on the other!)

a selection of warblersa selection of sparrows

Hawks and Owls (for your raptorial pleasure)

a selection of hawks and falconsa selection of owls

Ducks and Wetland Birds (bird guide when it gets wet)

a selection of ducksa selection of wetland birds

Spring Migrants (it's their thing to return in the spring)

a selection of spring migrantsa selection of spring migrants

Caterpillars (a fuzzy/spiky/hairy side and a smooth side) 

A selection of various caterpillarsA selection of various caterpillars

Summer Field Wildflowers (what is attracting all those pollinators?)

Selection of various wildflowersSelection of various wildflowers

Spiders (Miss Muffet's favourite)

a selection of spidersa selection of spiders

Beetles (the most biodiverse group of species in the world!)

beetle biodiversity sheet - side 1beetle biodiversity sheet - side 2

Native Tree Fruits and Seeds (how our woody plants disperse themselves)

tree fruits and seeds biodiversity sheet - side 1tree fruits and seeds biodiversity sheet - side 2