The Messenger

The Messenger Comes to The Arboretum Centre

Join us at 6 pm on Wednesday, November 9, at The Arboretum Centre for a showing of the film "The Messenger: Imagine a world without bird song."  Donations at the door.  Free Parking.  Panel discussion following the film.  Be there!!!

Plant Sale on Hiatus

Our Annual Plant Sale, normally held during the second weekend of September, is on hiatus this year and probably next year as well.

The Arboretum is a place of beauty, peace and learning

A turtle swam just below the water’s surface as we stood at the pond’s edge with our daughter. A shimmering log floating in the distance caught my eye, but I didn’t think much of it. Then my wife said, “Sam, what is that?”

U of G Naturalist Highlights Ontario’s Must-See Outdoor Areas in New Guidebook

Guelph naturalist Chris Earley faced a key challenge when he set out to co-author a new guidebook to must-see natural areas in Ontario.

“My biggest fear was how to choose only 100 spots,” says Earley, interpretive biologist and education coordinator at the U of G Arboretum. “And what are my friends going to do when I don’t include their favourites?”

He can probably relax.

Arboretum Biologist's Weird Frog book in Ontario's Forest of Reading Program

Chris Earley's latest children's book, Weird Frogs, has been chosen as one of the titles in an Ontario-wide reading contest. The Forest of Reading Program offers many different levels of reading challenges for students; Weird Frogs is part of the Silver Birch Express category for readers in Grades 3-6. In May, the program's Festival of Trees ceremony in Toronto invites students from all over the province to meet the authors of their favourite books as well as attend workshops and activities that promote reading.

Chickadee Colour Banding Project will Help Researchers and Bird Watchers

The chickadees at the U of G Arboretum sport black caps like any others. But many of them are also flashing new colours this fall.

Resident members of Poecile atricapillus are being colour banded for potential bird and population studies by campus researchers, says Chris Earley, the arboretum’s interpretive biologist and education co-ordinator.


Annually, our docent (teaching volunteers) group does what is called "Docent Day." This is a full day docent training session that adds to our regular 2-hour monthly sessions. On Docent Day, each docent picks a topic and teaches the rest of us about it. Recently, Joy Killen chose the topic of "vision" and read us this lovely article that she wrote. We thought we would share it with you.

Arboretum gets Helping Hand from Skyjack

The Arboretum at the University of Guelph was home to a Skyjack boom lift earlier this month, to help with the harvest of tree seeds. Seeds from our ‘living gene banks’ of rare and at-risk species were ready for harvest, but many of the trees are too tall to access using traditional equipment. Skyjack’s generous loan of a lift for a few days this fall was a significant contribution to our seed collecting efforts.

The Arboretum and Lichen Diversity: Study Results

For the last 6 years, Troy McMullin has been surveying our site for lichens. During his first visit, he found 25 species. By the time he had finished his 49th visit, he, along with help from his colleague Jose Maloles, had assembled a list of 104 lichen and allied fungus species, all found within our boundaries. And one of these lichens was new to science! Other discoveries include a species new to Canada and three that are the second or third records for Ontario.

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