Plant Sale on Hiatus

Posted on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Our Annual Plant Sale, normally held during the second weekend of September, is on hiatus this year and probably next year as well.

Those of you who have attended the sale know that it takes place at the R.J. Hilton Centre, The Arboretum’s horticultural headquarters north of College Ave. This general area is also poised to become the new home for the Guelph Turfgrass Institute, the construction of which is slated to begin this year. Part of the new development involves renovations and improvements to Arboretum buildings as well, and the logistics of trying to run the sale in the midst of construction just didn’t add up. We’re going to use the downtime as an opportunity to re-think, re-jig and improve aspects of the plant sale, to ultimately provide an even greater experience when we bring it back after the dust settles. Sometimes, even a time-honoured tradition can use some refreshing, and we’ll now have the time to do just that. Looking forward to welcoming you all back soon to a new and improved Annual Plant Sale in 2018!

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