Aron Fazekas

I have been at the University of Guelph Arboretum as Curator for just over a year now. My responsibility is to oversee the maintenance and development of all collections, including both living collections and the herbarium collection. I am also responsible for periodic review and maintenance of
collection design within the context of the Arboretum Master Plan and the Operational Plan.
Over the past year I have developed a formal policy document that defines the scope of each of the 4 major collection types in the Arboretum (Primary collections, Gene Bank Conservation Collections, Community Collections, and Natural Areas) and sets in place policy to deal with acquisitions, and
maintenance priorities. This document acts as a guide for the collections as a whole and is also a first step towards international recognition of some of the Arboretum’s finest collections.
In my role I work closely with Assistant Arboretum Manager & Horticulturist, Sean Fox and the Arboretum Manager, Ric Jordan. Together, we review the status of the various collections in order to determine to what degree the plants are surviving and their overall health, as well as verifying their
identification. This information is recorded and maintained in the electronic database of Arboretum plants.
In addition to Sean and Ric, I also work together with Director Jonathan Newman and Interpretive Biologist and Education Coordinator Chris Earley, as part of the Arboretum Management Group. The passion that all the staff bring to the Arboretum makes it a unique place on campus, and it is a privilege to be able to work and contribute to the ongoing achievements of the Arboretum in supporting research and conservation.