Allegheny Serviceberry - Amelanchier laevis

The Allegheny Serviceberry is found at the edges of forests and along fence rows. Although it is simple to identify serviceberrys in general, it is much more difficult to identify the species. The bark as well as the fruit of this serviceberry provide food for birds and mammals alike.

Allegheny Serviceberry Bark
The bark of the Allegheny Serviceberry is smooth and gray, with prominent dark lines running vertically along the trunk. Photo by Sean Fox.

Allegheny Serviceberry Flowers
Large white clusters of 5-petal flowers are present as of early spring. Photo by Chris Earley.

Allegheny Serviceberry Tree
The Allegheny Serviceberry can grow up to 10 m in height and the trunk can be 20 cm in diameter, allowing some specimens to be considered shrubs, while larger ones are classified as very small trees. Photo by Chris Earley.

Ontario Tree Atlas map of non-planted Allegheny Serviceberrys. 1995-1999.
Ontario Tree Atlas map of non-planted Allegheny Serviceberries. 1995-1999.

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