Downy Serviceberry Amelanchier arborea

This species is commonly found at wood edges and in open fields, where its reddish, berry-like fruits provide food to over 40 species of birds! It can be found as a large shrub, or single trunked small tree. The striking white flowers of the Downy Serviceberry add welcome color to forested areas in early spring.  Serviceberry species can be hard to distinguish from one another due to their habit of freely hybridizing where ranges overlap. The Downy Serviceberry has alternate, simple, oval leaves that are very furry underneath when young.

Downy Serviceberry Tree
Downy Serviceberry flowers are white with slender petals.

Downy Serviceberry Fruit
The fruit is dry and tasteless. It begins as green, then ripens red to blue-black.

Downy Serviceberry Leaves
The undersides of the young leaves are very wooly, lending this tree its name of “Downy” Serviceberry.

Ontario Tree Atlas map of non-planted Downy Serviceberrys. 1995-1999.
Ontario Tree Atlas map of non-planted Downy Serviceberries. 1995-1999.

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