Atrium Classification and Fees | College of Arts

Atrium Classification and Fees


  • Internal - academic and administrative departments of the University and student organizations recognized as Primary Student Organizations (PSO) and Accredited Student Organizations (ASO) under the University’s “Student Organization Policy”.
  • Affiliated - non-University individuals or organizations which are co-sponsoring the Event with an Internal group as defined above.
  • External - non-University individuals or organizations who do not qualify as Affiliated.

Rental Information

Effective July 1, 2009*

  • Rental rates include the use of the Atrium space and the sound system. If the sound system is required for an event two weeks notice is required.  Operation of the Atrium AV equipment must be performed by a TSS Technician at the established TSS labour rates.
  • Please call Vicki Isotamm x52991 to arrange the TSS technician.  She will provide an estimate of the cost and the client will be billed for actual time used.
  • The TSS Technician will arrive before the event for set up and sound check, will normally remain for the duration of the event to ensure optimum operation of equipment, and for tear down following use.  The TSS Technician is responsible for putting equipment safely and securely away in Room 1600A at the end of the event.
  • USE OF PERSONAL AV EQUIPMENT IS NOT PERMITTED. Additional AV equipment may be rented from TSS.

Sound System Inventory

  • 2 headworn microphones
  • 1 lav (lapel) microphone
  • 2 microphones
  • 2 wireless mircrophones
  • 4 microphone stands
  • 1 CD player
  • Internet and laptop connection
  • 1 LCD projector
  • 1 7.5x10ft.screen for front or rear projection
  • 1 Drape kit for screen
  • 1 Clear acrylic podium

Rental Rates

A – Internal** $500 $250
B – Affiliated** $800 $400
C- External $1500 + hst $750 + hst

*Rates subject to change without notice

**Regular Rental Rates may be waived for course related academic purposes.  Instead, a $50 administration fee will apply.  The administration fee covers use of the Atrium space only.  The administration fee does not include the use of the sound system.  Examples of course related academic purposes include but are not limited to poster displays or course presentations. The course #, instructor’s name and coding must be given at time of booking.