Group of people in ARC building clapping for award recipient

Award Ceremony 2024

College of Arts Awards Winter Semester Awards Ceremony 

The University of Guelph's College of Arts is proud to host its Winter semester awards ceremony on Thursday, January 25 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Arts Research Centre (ARC). The event, dedicated to recognizing the exceptional achievements of undergraduate students in the College of Arts, will bring together University student award recipients, award donors, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community. A range of prestigious awards spanning many disciplines within the College of Arts will be presented to students by College of Arts faculty members. The event program and a full listing of awards and recipients can be found below.   

Dean's Message

Welcome to the annual celebration of outstanding achievement by students in the College of Arts. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the dedication and love of learning that underlies the teaching and learning activities in which we engage. We are most grateful to sponsors for establishing awards and for their continued support. Their ongoing participation in the University of Guelph’s educational mission is most appreciated and helps us to celebrate student achievements to the greatest extent we can.

Congratulations to all on this happy occasion.

Samantha Brennan

Event Itinerary

4:00 pm - 4:15 pmEvent Commencement and RegistrationPlease find the registration desk at the main entrance to ARC, accessible from Winegard Walk.
4:15 pm - 4:45 pmMix and MingleAn opportunity to socialize with award winners, donors, and guests.
4:45 pm - 5:30 pmAward CeremonyThe ceremony is held in Room 113.
5:30 pm - 6:00 pmEnd of the eventMix and Mingle

Dean's Scholarships

Master Of Ceremony: Ruediger Mueller

Award Winners:

  • Angela Fernando
  • Sofia Trillia
  • Amelia Flynn
  • Zelia Forrest
  • Ainsley Tunney
  • Mya Trombley
  • Ana Garrocho
  • Kelly Hughes
  • Theodore Yasenchuk
  • Kurhula Mbetse
  • Hannah Jordan
  • Cora Howard

Established by the Board of Governors in 1991 to recognize the academic achievements of students. Awarded to College of Arts students who have been on the Dean’s Honours List for two consecutive semesters, with the highest academic performance in the College.

Student winners unavailable to attend: Kurhula Mbetse, Hannah Jordan, and Cora Howard.

Murdo MacKinnon Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Benjamin Missere

One or more scholarships given to students completing semesters 5, 6, or 7 during the Winter semester will be considered by the College Awards Committee. Application is not required.

Student(s) registered in an honours major program in the College of Arts in Music, Drama, Art History, Studio Arts, English, History, Philosophy, Languages and Literatures, or French Studies with the highest cumulative average in his/her honour subject(s). Preference will be given to students who have done all of their work at the University of Guelph.

Student winner unavailable to attend: Benjamin Missere

School of English & Theatre Studies

Presenter: Sally Hickson

McLean Scholarship in English

Award Winner: 

  • Amelia Flynn

Established in the memory of Professor Ernest Cyrus McLean, a member of O.A.C. from 1921 to 1960 and Chair of the Department of English from 1954 to 1960. Awarded to third-year Honours student(s) with the highest cumulative average in the program.

Michael R. Weiss Memorial Theatre Workshop II Scholarship

Award Winners: 

  • Abigail St. Louis
  • Sara Szymanski

Established by Michael R. Weiss (Mike) to recognize academic excellence in the technical and production aspects of performance and theatre arts. Awarded to students who completed THST*2190 ‘Theatre Workshop II’ with the highest grades.

Michael R. Weiss Memorial Theatre Workshop III Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Chandra Menezes

Established by Michael R. Weiss (Mike) to recognize academic excellence in the technical and production aspects of performance and theatre arts. Awarded to the student who completed THST*3190 ‘Theatre Workshop III’ with the highest grade.

Anna Graham Technical Theatre Studies Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Sara Szymanski

Established in memory of Anna Graham to recognize passionate student involvement in technical dramatic production. Awarded to an upper-year student majoring in Theatre Studies with high academic achievement and involvement and interest in technical theatre studies as demonstrated through course work, theatre practice, and work experience.

Kaya Firth Scholarship in English

Award Winners: 

  • Sophia Otero
  • Sophia De Goey

Through the generosity of Train Trailer Rentals, this scholarship was established in honour of Kaya Firth, a fourth-year English major who was devoted to her family, friends and her University newspaper – The Ontarian. Students registered in an English Major within the College of Arts, who have completed a minimum of 13 credits, and no more than 18.5 credits, and who have a cumulative average of at least 80%. The qualified students will have a passion for literary study and have a unique and creative critical voice demonstrated by a portfolio of written work totaling no more than 8 pages. The portfolio may be an essay or excerpt and should focus on one or more of the following areas: Indigenous literature and storytelling, literature and the environment or gender and women's literature.

A.M. Ross Centennial Scholarship

Award Winners:

  • Adrianna Basso
  • Jodylee Johnston

Offered by Professor A.M. Ross (funded in part on royalties derived from the O.A.C. Centennial Alumni publication of The College on the Hill). Students in the 7th semester of the honours English program who have the highest standing in ten or more English courses taken during the first 6 semesters at the University of Guelph. An 80% average in these courses is required.

D.S. Wilson Entrance Scholarship

Award Winners: 

  • Tamara Vargay

This scholarship is awarded to the student who demonstrates high academic performance and overall academic merit as indicated by the student’s admission application.

School of Fine Art and Music

Presenter: Martin Pearce

Marlene Pike Memorial Scholarship 

Award Winner: 

  • Gabriela Wilson

Provided by the family and friends of Marlene Pike. Awarded to an upper-year Studio Art major who has completed SART*3300 ‘Sculpture II’ and who has made an outstanding contribution in sculpture classes.

Michael Scotchmer Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Ashley Godley

Awarded to a student majoring in Studio Art based on the quality of their portfolio.

Ralph and Edith Kidd Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Africa Catherine Charlene Estuart

Established by the Friends of Music of the University of Guelph in honour of Ralph Kidd, first chairman of the Department of Music, and his wife, Edith Kidd, who were responsible for establishing the Thursday at Noon concert series in 1968. Awarded to a 4th year student majoring or minoring in Music with the highest cumulative average.

Mary Alice & Marion Munn Memorial Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Amitida Sohrabi

Established by Dr. John Munn in memory of his mother Mary Alice (Harris) Munn, and his sister, Marion Catherine Munn. Awarded to a student registered in a Music major or minor who best combines excellent potential in the area of vocal studies with involvement in extra-curricular music activities, particularly choir or other forms of vocal performance.

Norman and Audrey Harley Music Scholarship

Award Winners: 

  • Patrick Psihogios
  • Jacob Huska

Established in memory of Norman and Audrey Harley. Awarded to a student majoring in the Music program with the highest cumulative average.

Student winner unavailable to attend: Jacob Huska

Nathan Max Goldman Choir Scholarship

Award Winners: 

  • Wesley Schlenker
  • Elliot Sarkis

Established in honour of Mr. Goldman, an OAC graduate (1945 and 1947) and former President of the Philharmonia Society at the University of Guelph. The scholarships will support two students who demonstrate outstanding leadership and vision in the Symphonic Choir and/or the Chamber Choir.

Student winners unavailable to attend: Elliot Sarkis

Guelph Creative Arts Association – Gordon Couling Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Gwyneth Rossiter

Established by the Guelph Creative Arts Association in memory of Gordon Couling. The student who achieved the highest grade in Art History and Studio Art courses will be selected. Application is not required.

Student winners unavailable to attend: Gwyneth Rossiter

Year 2 MFA Studio Art Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Catherine Chan

Selection for this award is based on demonstrated exceptional studio work as evaluated at end of semester critiques. The award is given to full-time students registered in the Master of Fine Art (MFA) Studio Art program with the highest average amongst the first-year MFA students.

Tony Scherman Graduate Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Stephanie Fortin

Full-time students with a minimum cumulative academic standing of 80% and exceptional studio work (specifically in painting) as demonstrated by a portfolio submitted with application to the Master of Fine Art program. Students entering full time into the Master of Fine Art program with a minimum cumulative academic standing of 80% and exceptional studio work (specifically in painting).

School of Languages and Literatures

Presenter: John Walsh

J. M. Bell Classics Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Bruce Abbey

Established in memory of Dr. John Bell, a distinguished teacher of Classics and Chair of the Department of Languages and Literatures. Awarded to the student specializing in Classics with the highest average in Classical Studies beyond the 1000 level.

Nancy Stoten Memorial Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Zelia Forrest

Provided by the family and friends of Nancy Stoten, a former student of French Studies. Awarded to an upper-year student majoring in French Studies with the highest average in French courses.

Mac Lewis Memorial Classics Travel Grant

Award Winner: 

  • Holly Reid

Established by the family of Dr. McKenzie Lewis in memory of their late son, a talented Classics teacher and respected archaeologist. The award is intended to continue Mac’s passion for travel and first-hand encounters with Classical Antiquity by providing students with the opportunity to travel and study. Awarded to an upper year student specializing in Classical Studies who is participating in a SOLAL experiential learning opportunity.

Thomas & MacDonald French Studies Excellence Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Mikaela Hart

Established by former professor of French Studies, Dr. Alain Thomas and Gillian MacDonald (BSc ’76, BA ’94) in support of undergraduate students pursuing French Studies and demonstrating high academic performance. Awarded to an upper-year student majoring in French Studies with the highest cumulative average.

Andrea Laatsch Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Nolan Lake

Student who has high academic standing in the 2nd year of the German Studies program during the preceding calendar year and has made significant contributions to the University community.

Department of Philosophy

Presenter: Karyn Freedman

Edmund C. Bovey Scholarship in Philosophy

Award Winner: 

  • Meghan Spence

Donated by Sandra and Joseph Rotman. Awarded to an upper-year student, majoring in Philosophy, with the highest cumulative average in Philosophy courses.

Philosophy Excellence Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Eli Makischuk

Established by the Faculty of Philosophy to inspire students to choose Philosophy as a major. Awarded to a student majoring in Philosophy who earned the highest grade in PHIL*1000 ‘Classical Thinkers.’

Jay Newman Memorial Scholarship

Award Winners: 

  • Hayden Newman-Robinson
  • Miles Manga

Established by the Estate of Professor Jay Newman, Ph.D., F.R.S.C, a philosopher and Professor at the University of Guelph from 1971 to 2007 to recognize and encourage students to pursue philosophical studies. Awarded to the two students majoring in Philosophy with the highest cumulative averages.

Student winners not available to attend: Miles Manga

Department of History

Presenter: Mathew Hayday

Ruth and Eber Pollard Scholarship in Canadian History

Award Winner: 

  • Anna Tchobanian

Established by Ruth and Eber Pollard, former President and Treasurer, respectively, of the Guelph Historical Society during the years 1972 to 1993. Awarded to a student specializing in History with a cumulative average of 80% or greater, a demonstrated passion for Canadian History, and ongoing participation in exercise, wellness, or athletics.

Marion McKenzie Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in History

Award Winners: 

  • Ana Garrocho
  • Paige Van Dyke

Established in memory of Marion McKenzie (1905-1994), a teacher with a love of learning and a continuing curiosity about the world both past and present. Awarded to students with the top performance in required core courses of the History program HIST*1050 ‘Invitation to History’ and HIST*2450 ‘The Practising Historian.’ 
Student winners not available to attend: Paige Van Dyke

James Snell Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in History

Award Winners: 

  • Ana Garrocho
  • Breah Snow

Established in honour of James Snell, former faculty member of the History Department. Awarded to the two students, specializing in History, with the top grades in core courses HIST*2100 ‘Histories of Canada to 1867’ and HIST*2600 ‘Histories of Canada Since 1867.’

Wallace and Audrey Little Scholarship

Award Winner: 

  • Olivia Deschryver

Bethany created the Wallace and Audrey Little Scholarship in History in honour of her grandparents. Apply to the History Department Awards Committee by May 15 with a one page letter outlining extracurricular volunteer experience. The recipient who demonstrates the most significant volunteer experience will be selected. 
Student winners not available to attend: Olivia Deschryver

The Edward Stewart Scholarship in Scottish Studies

Award Winner: 

  • Sasha Jones

Selection will be based on the highest cumulative average. Application is not required. 
Full-time students registered in their first or second year in the field of Scottish Studies (M.A. or Ph.D. Programs in History) with a minimum cumulative average of 80% upon entry to the program or after the first year of study.

Arts and Sciences

Presenter: Donald Bruce

Dr. Donald Bruce & Dr. Donna Pennee Arts and Sciences Scholarship

Award Winners: 

  • Ana Garrocho
  • Hannah Jordan
  • Sylvie Schellenberg-Ruland

Dr. Donald Bruce, former Dean in the College of Arts and Dr. Donna Pennee, former Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, established the first scholarship for students in the BAS program. Awarded to student(s) with the highest cumulative average in the BAS program.

Student winners not available to attend: Hannah Jordan and Sylvie Schellenberg-Ruland