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A degree in Bachelor of Arts

bachelor of arts degree

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With an unparalleled flexibility of 24 majors to choose from, Guelph‘s Bachelor of Arts program is one of the most comprehensive.

A Guelph BA provides you with exceptional choices that span the arts, social sciences and humanities. When you become a BA student, you're joining a nationally and internationally recognized degree program. BA students and alumni have won North American Debating championships, Olympic gold medals, the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship, CBC Literary Awards and Oscars!

  • Fine and performing arts, humanities and social sciences make up the fabric of our cultural, social and historical framework. As a BA student you are encouraged to broaden your own experiences; travel and study internationally, take advantage of Guelph’s diverse cultural and artistic events such as the internationally renowned Guelph Jazz Festival, or explore the architectural, geographical and social history of the region.

  • Explore the far corners of the earth, the brushstrokes in a work of art, the meaning between lines of poetry, the rewards of another language or the inner workings of the human psyche. The BA program will help you explore our world.

  • Express your point of view, a new idea, the intricacies of a well-crafted argument, a new take on ancient facts, the music in a moment or a need for change.

  • Create a program of study tailored to your interests, a perfect solution to a complex problem, a theory of human behaviour, the next big thing and a strong foundation for your career. At Guelph you can create something meaningful.

  • We encourage you to combine different disciplines and take courses from other degree programs and give yourself a broad understanding of a variety of topics. When you select a major, you can also select a variety of elective courses beyond that major, as well as choose to complete a second major or a minor.

Current Students

Choosing a University is a difficult decision and you may have planned to visit our beautiful campus this spring to determine if the gold, black and red Gryphon sweater is the ‘best fit for you’.

Our students wanted to share their personal stories to help highlight some of the academic and student life experiences you can expect across the College of Arts.

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Aleks Liskauskas Music Major Member of the band, Excuse Me.Ariel Oleynikov Former President of College of Arts Student Union Theatre Studies MinorBen Barclay English Major, Media and Cinema Studies MinorJulia Biscaro Music Major, Family and Child Studies MinorMichael Richardson Studio Art Major Interdisciplinary Design Lab Staff Nina Kirkegaard French Studies Major Rachel Tucker Classical Studies Major


Visit the Bachelor of Arts Counselling website for assistance on course selection, setting appointments, and understanding your degree requirements.

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