Why a Bachelor of Arts? | College of Arts

Why a Bachelor of Arts?

Flexible Study Options

25+ majors and 30+ minors allow you to explore your interests and chart your own path. We encourage you to combine different disciplines and take courses from other degree programs to get broad understanding of a variety of topics. When you select a major, you can also select a variety of elective courses beyond that major, as well as choose to complete a second major or a minor.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning opportunities help you to connect theory to real-world application. Experiential learning includes applied research, certificate programs, co-op, community-engaged courses, field courses and professional practice courses.


A Bachelor of Arts develops versatile workplace skills in critical thinking, research, communication, creativity and collaboration. You will be able to navigate the changing workplace and pursue new opportunities by applying the skills and knowledge you gain during your BA.

Study Abroad

With over 100 exchange partners and summer field schools in 36 countries, travel abroad while earning credits towards your degree studies.