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Monique Deveaux

Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Ethics and Global Social Change
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519-824-4120 x53233
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In my writing, I use ideas from social and political theory to try to illuminate problems of inequality and poverty, gender and racial injustices, and issues of cultural-religious accommodation. The book I'm currently completing, Global Justice From Below: the Ethics and Politics of Poor-Led Poverty Reduction (under contract, OUP), argues that normative analysis of chronic deprivation should engage concretely with the aims and strategies of poor-led social movements and their organisations. page:

Note to prospective graduate students: I supervise M.A. and Ph.D students in social and political philosophy as well as in normative and applied ethics. Prospective students interested in applying political philosophy to contemporary problems of justice are especially welcome to apply. I also supervise in feminist philosophy and gender theory. If you are a prospective M.A. or Ph.D. student and your research relates to issues of global or social justice, you will automatically be considered for additional support under the auspices of the Canada Research Chair in ethics & global social change.  

My Fall 2018 graduate seminar is on Political Solidarity. Other recently taught graduate courses include Poverty: Ethical & Normative Debates (2017); Social Power (2016); Global Ethics; and The Ethics of Development.

Post-doctoral scholars working on topics related to global justice can also be hosted under the auspices of the Canada Research Chair that I hold.  Recent post-doctoral fellows: Dr. Jennifer Szende (PhD, Queen's) and Dr. Cristian Dimitriu (PhD, U Toronto).

Current/recent Ph.D. students: Joshua Mousie: "Nonhuman Publics and Human Politics: Reimagining the Political Sphere" (defended Dec. 2015); Christi Storfa: "Beyond Capabilities: the Ethics of Flourishing as a Global Citizen"; Veronica Majewski: "Towards a Listening-Focused Account of Deliberative Democracy"; Marie-Pier Lemay: project on a feminist theory of global responsibility; and Cameron Fioret: project on the the commodification of water and its implications for social justice.

I am an editor of the journal Studies in Social Justice and on the advisory board of Rowman & Littlefield's book series, 'Studies in Social and Global Justice'. In 2012, I started up Initiatives in Global Justice, a research consortium of U of Guelph researchers which features talks and other programming on ethical and political issues related to globalization. I am also a member of our Department's Political Philosophy Research Group and Feminist Philosophy Reading Group.


I have co-organized and hosted the following international workshops:

 Theoretical Explorations of Exploitation in Practice at the University of Guelph, October 2015 

 Thinking Beyond Distribution: A Workshop on Global Justice, held at the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto in October 2012

 Rethinking Inequality: Philosophical Reflections on Recent Empirical Research, held at the University of Ottawa in November 2012




Ph.D. and M.Phil, University of Cambridge
M.A. and B.A. Hon. (Political Science), McGill University


Professor and Tier I CRC in Ethics & Global  Social Change (renewed 2018), Dept. of Philosophy, University of Guelph, 2010 to present.

Assistant Professor (1998-2004) Associate Professor of Political Science, Williams College, 2004-2010

Residential Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, 2001-2002

SSHRC Post-doctoral fellow, Wiener Center, JFK School of Government, Harvard University, 1997-1998




As author:

Gender and Justice in Multicultural Liberal States.  Oxford University Press, 2006 (U.K.)/2007 (U.S.). (Intro & Conclusion here

Cultural Pluralism and Dilemmas of Justice. Cornell University Press, 2000

As editor:

Exploitation: From Practice to Theory. Eds. Monique Deveaux and Vida Panitch. Rowman & Littlefield, February 2017

Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy: Texts and Cases. Eds. Monique Deveaux and Omid Payrow Shabani. Oxford University Press, 2014

Reading Onora OíNeill. Eds. M. Deveaux, D. Archard, D.Weinstock & N. Manson. Routledge, 2013. 

Sexual Justice/Cultural Justice: Critical Perspectives in Political Theory & Practice. Eds. M. Deveaux, B.Arneil, R. Dhamoon, & A. Eisenberg. Routledge 2007. 




Selected recent talks:

June 2017 "Movements versus Markets: What, If Anything, is Special About the Organizations and Social Movements of the Poor?" University of British Columbia workshop: New Directions in Ethics and Poverty. 

March 2017 "Why Global Inequality - and Not Just Poverty - Matters." Ohio State University COMPAS (Conversations on Morality, Politics & Society) conference: On Global Inequality. 

February 2017 "Religion, Tradition, and Autonomy: Can Intersectionality Reveal Openings for Women's Agency?". Keynote lecture, VII Congress of the Italian Society of Women Historians, Pisa, Italy.

February 2017 "Reframing Chronic Poverty and its Alleviation through the Insights and Strategies of Poor-led Movements." Talk, Dept. of Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

October 2016 "Reframing Chronic Poverty and its Alleviation through the Insights and Strategies of Poor-led Movements." Ethics & Public Affairs Program, and Dept. of Philosophy, Carleton Unviersity

May 2016 "Global Justice From Below? The Value of Poor-led Social Movements to Poverty Alleviation." Keynote talk, University of Salzburg Workshop on Philosophy and Poverty

May 2016 "Global Justice From Below? The Value of Poor-led Social Movements to Poverty Alleviation." Free University, Berlin (Kolloquium Zur Praktischen Philosophie)

April 2016 "Global Justice From Below? The Value of Poor-led Social Movements to Poverty Alleviation." Society for Women in Philosophy workshop (SWIP-SHOP), CUNY Graduate Center

Sept. 2015 "How Should the Political Movements of the Poor Figure in Theorizing About Global Justice?" Symposium on 'Global Justice: New Directions in Research and Advocacy,' Ghent, Belgium

May 2015 "Is the Cross-Border Trade in Human Eggs Wrongfully Exploitative?" Gender and Global Justice Conference, Centre for Global Ethics, University of Birmingham (UK)

July 2014  "Egg Donation: An Assessment of Key Feminist Ethical Objections." British Society for Applied Philosophy, Oxford, UK

July 2014  "Global Injustice and the Market in Human Eggs." 15th International Association of Women Philosophers Symposium, Alcalá de Henares, Spain

June 2014  "Sexual Equality and Personal Autonomy: Possibilities of Pluralistic Interpretations."  Conference on '(Not) Outside My Culture: Paradoxes of Personal Autonomy in a Plural Society,' Max Plank Institute, Halle, Germany

Feb. 2014  "The Cross-Border Trade in Human Eggs: an Ethical Conundrum from the Perspective of Global Justice." Workshop on Global Surrogacy and Reproductive Markets, University of Ottawa

Jan. 2014  "Sufficiency, Priority, and the Harms of Inequality." Invited talk, Philosophy Department colloquium series, McMaster University

March 2013 "The Global Poor as Agents of Justice." Invited talk, Laurentian University (Seminar on Thought and Culture)

Nov. 2012  "Agents or Subjects of Global Justice?". Invited talk, McMaster University (Society for Philosophy and Culture & the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition)

March and April 2011 "When is Sufficiency Not Enough? Revisiting Sufficiency and Priority Views in Light of Inequality's Harms." Talk presented at the University of Toronto (Centre for Ethics); University of Waterloo (Philosophy Department), and the University of Ottawa (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs)

April 2010 "The Subjects of Global Justice." Philosophy Department Colloquium, Dalhousie University